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  1. David Baker

    High Plains Drifter Custom 1962 Murray Sabre Challenger

    High Plains Drifter. 1962 Murray Sabre Challenger Specs: •1962 Murray Sabre Challenger BF Goodrich 16” frame •1960’s Shimano 333 3 speed Shift kit •1960’s Stewart Warner Speedo •1960’s Rim Brake custom mounted to the sissy bar aka (Sissy Brake) •26” wheel set and tires •Shimano 333 3 speed hub...
  2. David Baker

    BO15 High Plains Drifter (The Finish Line)

    Starting the Krate Krusher(High Plains Drifter) bike. This is my first bike build-off. I am altering a 1959 Murray BF Goodrich Sabre Challenger, in to a “Krate Like” lowrider. I picked up a 3 speed shifter off of the bay, that will help power the middle weight frame with 26 inch wheels. More...