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    Build Tunes

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    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

  3. deorman

    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

  4. deorman

    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

  5. deorman

    Hello from Downstate Illinois!

    Welcome aboard! :forum:
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    Adding to the confusion...

    When I was a lad, bomber and clunker (yes, with a c) both just meant a crusty old balloon tire bike. :bigboss:
  7. deorman

    Good deal or nah?

    I guess it depends on what you're in to, or where you live, but to be honest, there's nothing there that I would drive 5 hours for. The sprinter is the only thing there I'd even look at twice.
  8. deorman

    "Modular" tire.

    Nope. :crazy: :grin:
  9. deorman

    Removing an vintage brake disc?

    Maybe you can feed enough spokes in through the holes in the disc to do that. I assume someone clipped the ends off the old spokes.
  10. deorman

    RRB member in need of help!

  11. deorman

    I don’t even know where to begin. Monarks, Silver kings, Elgins and more!

    Looks like someone snagged the kitchen sink. :grin:
  12. deorman

    Sears Model?

    It may not HAVE a tank, but it sure is built like one. :bigboss:
  13. deorman

    Looks pretty accurate
  14. deorman

    new to site

    Welcome aboard! :cool2: +1 on H.P. Snyder ID, Rollfast or various store brands, for example Western Flyer for Western Auto, Hawthorne for Montgomery Ward, as well as others.
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    American Flyer Skiptooth

    I believe that's a H.P. Snyder from the 1930s
  16. deorman

    look Ma - one hands!

    Yeah... neck reining might be a little dicey though. :crazy:
  17. deorman


    Welcome aboard. :forum:
  18. deorman

    A few of my bikes.

    Good stuff. :cool2:
  19. deorman

    1896 Overman Victor Flyer

    Is that a block chain bike? If so, easier to find 1" pitch may or may not fit. Modern 1/2" definitely won't. Good luck.