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  1. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Bikes and Parts

    Am interested in the Mooneyes seat if you decide to sell!
  2. bombshelterbikes

    Prewar Hawthorne Amazing Rat Project

    Not my bike, but had to share this Cabe for sale post here: A very cool and unique project for someone! Only $310 SHIPPED!!!
  3. bombshelterbikes

    Build off bike Frames

    PM on orange Rollfast frame sent!
  4. bombshelterbikes

    My Perennial Want List, ver. 0.12beta, 20190912

    Vans Cult tires are yours if you still want em! Got the box and everything!
  5. bombshelterbikes

    **FOUND*** Felt Burner or Rail

    Thanks for the offer! Turns out I found a bike shop on the east coast with a Rail still in stock! Got it on sale and shipped for a reasonable price. Expected to arrive Wednesday!
  6. bombshelterbikes

    Anyone in Saginaw/Flint MI area?

    I might have a puchase lined up but might need a local person to help with shipping arrangements. Would be glad to compensate you for your time, etc. Thanks! Brad
  7. bombshelterbikes

    **FOUND*** Felt Burner or Rail

    Post says it all. Thanks!
  8. bombshelterbikes

    Found in my garage

    Hello! I’ll buy the Felt cruiser bars please!
  9. bombshelterbikes

    Felt cruisers

    Hello! Any chance you have a Felt Burner you would sell? Brad
  10. bombshelterbikes

    ***FOUND*** Cult X Vans 26" tires

    Responded! I want pictures of this bike when they are on!
  11. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Coaster frame or bike

    To be honest I'm not sure I know if or what the difference might be. Any info you have would be appreciated.
  12. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Coaster frame or bike

    Do you specifically want the Coaster, or would a true Dyno Roadster frame work? I have a Dyno.....
  13. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Coaster frame or bike

    Help me out - Coaster as in the early Roadster....or the Glide frame?
  14. bombshelterbikes

    ***FOUND*** Cult X Vans 26" tires

    Did you ever find these tires? I have a pair of brand new ones that have never been mounted. Not sure they are right for my project. let me know....
  15. bombshelterbikes

    felt vintage iron or cheif

    This is local to me:
  16. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Coaster frame or bike

    I have a metallic purple true "Dyno" MotoGlide frame. Paint pretty good still also. Let me know if you want to see pics.
  17. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Bike pics

    Hey Joe! Any chance you still have the original fenders for this bike? I need to replace mine and it looks like you are not using yours.....:)
  18. bombshelterbikes

    What have you been riding lately?

    Took this out to lunch today!
  19. bombshelterbikes

    South Bend, Indiana

    Hello All! Anyone in South Bend willing to pick up a paid-for bike, pack and ship it to Arizona? I can make it worth your while, and would greatly appreciate the help.
  20. bombshelterbikes

    Dyno Bike pics

    Love the tire choice!