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  1. evalu8r

    WINTER (DEC 1st 2013- MARCH 1st 2014) build-off (summer in Aust) All Done! JOIN US NEXT YEAR!

    Awesome, a winter build off. I've just started planning my next build and have a few bits placed aside for it. Just figured out the name and theme for ... this past weekend. Where is the rules page and can I still get in on this.
  2. evalu8r

    Thick Brick Fatti-O Etc GALLERY - Show your FAT TIRES!

    26x4.0 Devist8er tires on 80mm rims, 8spd with roller brake and drum on the front.
  3. evalu8r

    Arctic beast

    Now, that I like nice job...
  4. evalu8r


    I had the frame hanging around from a build last year, which i didn't really like. So I put this together over the weekend.
  5. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Update

    Thanks Guys, I was a blast yesterday, the trails were very wet as we had a heck of a storm the night before so it made for a fun muddy ride. The bike works great in those conditions till you hit the slick mud...then it's like a muscle car on wet pavement. I find the brake system works well...
  6. evalu8r

    Project Tornado RAT ROD RaTornado

    Love the Bars!
  7. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Update

    A little update on the Devist8er. I've been putting it to the test the past few weeks by going is some Fat Bike and MTB races. So far I've had a couple flats and had to make some adjustments to to forks and replace the chainring. Other than that all has been working well. It's a bit hard on the...
  8. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er ~ Dame I missed the dead line for entry Wow! Thanks for all the great comments guys. Ya, I realize I still have a winner even if I didn't get in the finals. Any rides I've gone on, people are looking. From kids that are amazed by the size of the bike and the tires to all types...
  9. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er ~ Together and 1st test ride DAME!!!! I can't believe I missed the date for the final photo to be in the entry of bikes. It was a long weekend here for us and as last year I took my final photos of the while camping on this same weekend and I assumed it would be the same again...
  10. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er ~ Together and 1st test ride IT's AWESOME!! if I can say so myself... Got all together and have been out on it a couple times now. Everything seems to be working soooo smooth. The fork came out great. I installed all new washers and spacers cleaned the linkage up and greased it...
  11. evalu8r

    GUMBY RUMPUS***** Crossed the FINISH line!!

    Re: GUMBY RUMPUS ***** S'more Small details 6/14 Love the horn...I want it. :mrgreen:
  12. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er ~ new fork legs Well it took the repair shop till this morning to get my truck fixed so I had all day yesterday to work on the bike. :D GOT the new fork legs done :!: I'm really happy with how they turned out. 1-1/2 tube cut at 25" lengths at 30degs each end with a welded caps...
  13. evalu8r

    Ze (impostor)no inspiration bike...No more a rider!!!!

    Re: Ze impostor needs a new name...and some ideas!! Nice work on the chaining!!!!
  14. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er ~ seat post Mod ~ 11 more Rivets Oh Ya, double wall steel post riveted! The black seat post was driven all the way inside the neck of the stem, then epoxied and riveted. :x Dame truck broke down today. Customers will have to wait till tomorrow now, I'm going to play with my...
  15. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er ~ seat post Mod ~ 11 more Rivets Ok, As Renaissance Man said the seat post wasn't in the theme of things and I had worked on trying to blend it in over the weekend. Instead in rivets I had made divots down the sides of the bent back seat post and had polished/brushed it to look...
  16. evalu8r

    Anger Management the rebirth 12-2-14

    Too Cool, got get my son and show him this One!
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    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er I can't take the credit for the method of setting the rivets. I asked Tater how he did his rivet bike..... He holds the secret :wink: Renaissance Man, You're right about the seat post and it was something I was working on over the weekend. No rivets and no chrome and it blends...
  18. evalu8r

    Devist8er ~ Oct update

    Re: Devist8er That's it for to night. Cut out a hole in the lower tube to run the cables internal. Set up the head stock, spring and leading links fort the forks. installed the bars, levers and ran the cables, installed with Dirty Dog cable guides to match the stem. I've got tomorrow to do some...
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    Love art deco stuff. Waiting to see more.
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    Re: ☆★☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆★☆ RRBO#8. MOCK UP WITH FINISHED TRIANGLE That is comin together Really nice.