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  1. aka_locojoe

    Schwinn Straight Bar

    Built this up from a frame I got at our recent swapmeet. The wheelset (the rear a bendix kickback) I built for my RRBBO 1 entry many years ago.
  2. aka_locojoe

    20 Inch Fatbike Upsized

    Converting the Grandson's Mongoose Massif fatbike that he's outgrown to something we both can ride.
  3. aka_locojoe

    Free Pile Build

    A quick build. With the exception of the wheel set, chain and pedals, everything else was from last Sunday’s Midwest Bicycle Swap. The sprocket was given to me and the rest was from the “free pile”. The original fork was tweaked. The fork I used was also from the free pile. The star sprocket was...
  4. aka_locojoe

    Huffy For Wife

    This Huffy "Karaoke" has been through several incarnations. The latest for my wife. New paint, heavy duty coaster brake alloy wheel set with Duro “Rocky Wolf” tires, a Brooks B72 and some old BMX bars and stem I had. The sprocket I used is one of my favorites and ironically is off an old Huffy...
  5. aka_locojoe

    Tall Bike 2

    Built this tall bike last week. It's now the 2nd tall bike I've had. Video...
  6. aka_locojoe

    Tandem Night X Wichita

    Tandem Night X (10). May 12th, 2016 - 7:00PMish at the Shamrock Lounge 1724 West Douglas, Wichita. Ride a tandem if you have one. If you don't have one, borrow one or make one!
  7. aka_locojoe

    Woody Night Photos

    Woody Night at Wichita's Thursday Night Pub Pedal. More photos here.
  8. aka_locojoe

    I Be Klunkin'

  9. aka_locojoe

    Bronco Bike

    Many times when I post a photo here or on social media of a bike I’m working on that was taken in the garage, I’ll get this question… “What’s that green bike in the background?”. I put together a quick video to explain it.
  10. aka_locojoe

    (ORBO) HD Klunker finished

    This was just a simple transformation of my Heavy Duti from grocery getter to klunker. Build thread here. Ride video...
  11. aka_locojoe

    (ORBO) HD Klunker

    I recently decided to transform my Heavy Duti grocery getter to something more klunkerish. It'll be a pretty simple build but I figured I might as well document it here. Here's how I've pretty much had the bike set up since I bought the frame. Late last year bored with it I disassembled and...
  12. aka_locojoe

    Mt Fury

    Found this cheapo Roadmaster Mt Fury at a dumpster (pictured at back upside down) and brought it home. I was on my bike when I spotted it. When I returned later in the day with my truck, the bike in the foreground was gone. New paint and parts and turned it in to more of a cruiser. Has a SA...
  13. aka_locojoe

    Hurricane Ridge

    This summer someone had dumped a few bikes at a bike rack. I brought home the one in the foreground a cheapo Roadmaster Hurricane Ridge. Before. After new paint and a few different parts. I also removed 2 of the chainrings. The brakes.
  14. aka_locojoe

    The Riding Dead

    September 10th 7:23pm - Shamrock Lounge, Wichita, KS.
  15. aka_locojoe

    Midwest Bicycle Fest - Photos & Videos

  16. aka_locojoe

    Patriotic Night

    Thursday, July 2nd 2015. Celebrate Independence Day and show your patriotism by decorating your bike and/or yourself. Meet at the usual place (Shamrock Lounge) 7:00pm.
  17. aka_locojoe

    Rollin On Twenties

    Something I built for our clubs 20 Inch Night. Fellow RRB member 65rat on the bike.
  18. aka_locojoe

    Worksman Cycles Video

  19. aka_locojoe

    20 Inch Night Photos

    9th Annual 20 Inch Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal. Thursday, June 18th 7:00pm-ish at the Shamrock Lounge. Vintage muscle bike, old school bmx, custom, lowrider, your kids bike, it doesn't matter. Ride something with 20 inch wheels or less.
  20. aka_locojoe

    Post Apocalyptic Pub Pedal Photos

    The Coasters BC and the Post Apocalyptic Pub Pedal (aka Mad Max Night) last night.