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  1. charliechaindrive

    Let's see some home made battery tubes!

    Has anyone ever built their own battery tube like this before? id like to build one but I'm not 100% sure on how they're wired and or insulated. A battery tube and older light is what I'd like to set up on my silverking, so it keeps up with the "squint your eyes it looks correct" vibe. my other...
  2. charliechaindrive

    1936 monark silverking

    Putting this together as a slump buster. Paid 200$ as you see it in the first picture from a scrapper The original fork broke, but i think i can fix it. I bought a pre war hiawatha for parts and got it together and riding pretty bare bones with a 60s chrome fork out of the parts pile and some...
  3. charliechaindrive

    BACK IN BLACK callin' it done

    It's been a heck of a transformation going from a minty green disaster, to this gloss black trail hopper. Hopefully someone other than me likes this thing. Here's the build thread Before: And...
  4. charliechaindrive

    BACK IN BLACK (klunker build RRBBO#9) *NAME CHANGE*

    I bought this pre war Henderson badged schwinn straight bar last summer as a birthday present to myself. And in school I'm doing a project about klunkers, so three days before I was due to present the project I dug the Henderson, and threw together a single speed klunker out of it! The way it...
  5. charliechaindrive

    riding bike to school, and the sights seen en route

    For a school project, I'm going to be riding bike to and home from school occasionally until the end of the year. From my house to the school is 12 miles one way, very few hills, and it's all fairly easy going. The first bell for school rings at 8:15 AM, and I'm planning on leaving my house at...
  6. charliechaindrive


    I havent been here for a while, but in school a friend and I are building a 4wheeled bike. My friend and i are starting on this already, and we need a few pictues of other 4 wheeled bikes to kind of draw inspiration from. can anybody give us a hand?
  7. charliechaindrive

    beast 3.0

    I've converted my beast to a 12 speed with disc brakes, and I've done this for roughly 70$. Here's how. it turns out really clean when you keep it simple. I used the 30$ choppers US rear disc hub, it swaps into the beasts rear wheel slick as snot with the same spokes, with no trimming...
  8. charliechaindrive

    what are everyones thoughts on this?

    choppers us has a fatbike hub with threads for a multi speed cassete, and disc rotor mounts, thats 170mm's and thats the hub spacing on the beast as far as i can tell. Has anyone swapped this hub out for the old coaster? I am doing this on my beast. I would post a link, but the new update...
  9. charliechaindrive

    mini bikes

    Anyone into them? I've got five.. Not pictured are my 1962 sensation mb6-a and my 72 speedway scorpion. Partially shown above is my 1972 rupp roadster2
  10. charliechaindrive

    trek score

    Scored this sweet trek 830 today in a trade, it's my first trek, and I'm glad to have it! I just need to get a new seat, and a shorter stem. Rides and shifts good, and it's geared so low I swear I could climb a tree with it. 26x 1.5 arya wheelset, quick release hubs front and back. Ccd
  11. charliechaindrive

    one day klunker

    Here's my one day klunker. I'm really proud of this one, it's my lowest geared bike I've built so far. It's a Schwinn frame of unknown name or model, prewar dogleg crank, 7 speed rear cassette, 3 speed front sprocket   a Walmart suspension fork that miraculously fit the steer tube Got some...
  12. charliechaindrive

    cwc, rc, and odyssey!

    I picked up these like-new Odyssey twombolt cranks with sprocket,  for my bmx bike on Sunday, the guy I bought them from had only used them once and then tore his ACL clean in half. Then on Tuesday,  one of my friends approached me with a deal I could not refuse.   He was selling his traxxas...
  13. charliechaindrive

    big rc boat hull

    Scored this thing the other day, I have no idea what to do with it. I'm tempted to rig up a weedeater motor on it and a simple rc getup and have some fun! :D It's big too, 5 foot long. It's currently in the for sale! Ccd
  14. charliechaindrive

    5 foot fiberglass rc boat hull

    100$ and shipping seems like a good starting point, make an offer if you think of a better price. Ships out of 56438, PM me with questions. The sponge in the pic is for scale, and is an average every day kitchen sponge. Ccd
  15. charliechaindrive

    there's two zeppelins in my garage..

    I think I did pretty good the other day,   my first find is this sweet wards Hawthorne zep,   posted on c-list for the irresistibly low price of 45$ the seller chuck was a very nice guy,   he collects old Maytag gas engines as well as bikes.    I also got these two frames from chuck for 15$ A...
  16. charliechaindrive

    indian freebie!

    Today when I tagged along with my dad to the motorcycle shop, the owner mark stopped me and told me that if i could get this thing running i could keep it. Are you kidding me!? Heck yeah I took him up on that offer. But there are a few problems, one being the ratsnest of unused and...
  17. charliechaindrive

    Help with drawing a logo?

    Hey everybody, I've got a question. Could anybody possibly give me a hand in drawing kind of a logo? around my place I'm doing some bike repair/ selling of used bikes like almost everybody else on here. But being so darn far out of town (and many other encumbering factors) not many people...
  18. charliechaindrive

    Custom tank fitting?

    I've got an idea here, I want to trim a little bit off the sides of this girls jc higgins tank, so It would fit more flush on the frame I have, which is the prewar shelby hiawatha I found a few months back. What my question is, would this be a bad idea? Are girls colorflow tanks...
  19. charliechaindrive

    ross duster

    Picked up this beauty yesterday from the basement of my local bike shop. she was residing next to a few other good examples of genuine muscle,  but this was the only one that followed me home. After I promptly paid the owner kenn,  aired up the tires, , and went outside. After that I rode down...
  20. charliechaindrive

    charlie's album thread

    im making this thread to show everybody some of my bikes, and other somewhat interesting things that frequently pop up in my day-to-day travels. Last Saturday at Brainerd international raceway, my father and I seen quite a few great cars, mostly old mopar's and some Chevy's and fords. but...