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  1. highship

    what do you think?

    i have got this bike listed on cl and im getting some real low ball offers... from a parts stand point am i out of line? seem to be having an issue with links and photos so if you would be so kind check out craigslist id 4913141361. id love to know what you all think. should i pull it apart and...
  2. highship

    Schwinn Panther??

    I'm not much of a Schwinn guy but I'm considering picking this one up. I'm thinking its a Panther, is that right? Any ideas on year and value?
  3. highship

    Schwinn Tank

    Is there a specific name for those slim tanks that fit the Schwinn cantilever frames? I'm pretty sure they came on the Schwinn American. What can I expect to pay for one and how hard are they to find? Thanks
  4. highship


    I don't like drama so normally I would let something like this go but this one has got me irritated. Here's the deal... I replied to a want add here where someone was looking for a specific bike. I gave them what I thought was a very fair price. They were cool with the price and said they wanted...
  5. highship

    Straightening chain ring

    I have got a chain ring that I would like to use but its slightly bent. Doesn't look to bad but it's enough to make the chain pop off. So, what's the best way to straighten it? Thanks.
  6. highship


    I posted this over at the cabe and wanted to post it here too. I'm to lazy to type up anything new so this is just copied from there so sorry if your seeing it twice. If you know anything let me know. Here are some pictures, now I know that the bike is a rat but I am most interested in the...
  7. highship

    Did I make a mistake?

    I listed this bike on CL for $140 and a day later I sold it for $120. I thought it was fair, not the best price (for me) but certainly not the worst, right? I ask because the gentlemen who is picking it up saturday will be making a 2+ hour trip one way to pick it up. What am I missing? Is this...
  8. highship


    Well here it is, the end, thank God. This was a lot more work then I could have ever imagined and it took me untill about two hours ago to finnish. Everything on the bike except for the wheels, bars, pedals, and some hardware is polished steel which is what took up about 95% of my time. Went on...
  9. highship

    24" Colson

    I just looked at a 24" Colson loop tail last night, I walked away from it though. I still might be working a trade for it though. The reason I walked away was because there was something really wrong with the crank, there was tons of play in it. Normally that wouldn't be an issue for me but...
  10. highship

    Obscured----Last Update 8-4----

    Well I guess I have decided to join in the fun. I had contemplated the idea of joining for a while but with having the last two days to tinker I figured I would go for it. This will be my first build off and I'm a little worried I won't get it done but what the heck. Here is what I'm starting...
  11. highship

    An Oldie. Can you ID?

    Picked this up at the flea market last weekend. For right now it's just a wall hanger but who knows... Any idea what it might be?
  12. highship

    3 yellow stripes

    Please tell me again, what is the hub with three yellow stripes? Kick back 2 speed??? What's it worth?
  13. highship

    Two Questions

    What kind of tires would have come original on a 1941 Columbia? and kind of a stupid one I think... When you hear bikes classified as Pre War What exactly are we talking about, bikes earlier then '39 only, or does it include any number of years into the war? It seems like I see a lot of bikes...
  14. highship

    Lengthen chain?

    I have put a bigger tire on one of my builds and I have a very minor rub. There is enough room in the drop outs to slide the wheel back but the chain is a touch to short. If I add to the chain with 2 links it is to long. Is there anyway to lengthen a chain by only one link?
  15. highship


    Great story! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks.
  16. highship

    My Dudley finds

    I couldn't leave the dudley show and not buy anything right??? Here's what I bought... The bike had this tank on it when I bought it... It was clearly the wrong tank for the bike but cool never the less. I thought it was going to fit another bike I am working on but it didn't, it did however...
  17. highship

    Vintage parts

    I posted this over at the road bike section but it's a little slow over there... check this out and let me know what you think. viewtopic.php?f=58&t=52620
  18. highship

    Vintage parts

    I have some older road bike stuff I'm thinking of offering up for trade but I really don't know a lot about this stuff. What can you guys tell me, is there anything "good" here?
  19. highship

    todays find

    Picked these two up today. They were listed on CL as two original 50's hornets, no pictures :roll: It didn't take long for him to know that I knew it was all reproduction stuff on the guys bike. Once we got on the same page we worked something out for the two. what do you think part the mens...
  20. highship

    Drop stand question

    When mounting a drop stand with ears (as apposed to built into the frame) should the stand be inside or outside of the fender mounts? Also... Are all drop stand clips mounted under the fender?