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  1. Jude Ephesus

    1961 Rollfast Flying Tiger Bike

    Hey guys, Thanks for letting me crash the party with a bike I started back in early September. The plan from the start was a 26” “muscle bike-ish” cruiser. I’ve been wanting a 26” banana seat bike for sometime, scored a cool tank bike cheap and am now getting around to the build. The bike...
  2. Jude Ephesus

    GT Nomad

    Meh; $25 Couldn’t say no. My wife has a Raleigh hybrid with a broken suspension seat post; this will fix it!!!! I’m going to try to put the 700c wheels on my Schwinn Collegiate. Maybe the handlebars too if I can get them to fit. Will try to sell the frame, fork and components to recoup my $25.
  3. Jude Ephesus

    Vintage Peugeot Road Bike

    So, not really a build, although I did build this bike about 15 years ago. Long story short, I scored the bike at a garage sale, tore it to pieces, repainted it, hopped it up and rode the thing across the state of Florida in a professionally sanctioned bike race. I dug it out of my basement...
  4. Jude Ephesus

    I guess it was something to do

    Scored these two pigeons $30 for the pair
  5. Jude Ephesus

    1961 Rollfast

    So, I don’t have a 26” ape hanger, banana seat bike. This is it. For kicks, I’m Going to do a funky military/flying tiger tribute bike out of it. I think the enormous tank will lend itself nicely to the jaws and eyes. We’ll see! Here’s the beginning
  6. Jude Ephesus

    Grammaw Patina Bike

    Not exactly what I envisioned, but close - and done!!! Ironically, due to a tight schedule, the photo shoot took place only a few feet from where I pulled the bike out of the trash about a year ago..... Had a ball with everyone on here; thanks so much for all your support and input!!!
  7. Jude Ephesus

    Old English racer: need help ID!

    So, a friend of the family gave me this bike. Needs some help! His dad was the original owner. Any ID help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Jude Ephesus

    @us56456712 31 day ride challenge bike

    So, as if I needed another build, I definitely want to do @us56456712 ‘s 31 day challenge. Preferably starting August 1st!!!! As it would be easy to do a quickie tune up on my vintage Peugeot road bike or Raleigh technium, that would be too easy!!! How about a mix of these!??? Of course, the...
  9. Jude Ephesus

    CL hybrid - Schwinn something

    So, 3 daughters and a wife and they all want to ride together. As I have PLENTY of bikes, and think all my bikes are super cool and super useful, very few of them are mommy or daughter approved! I Picked up this pigeon off Craigslist for $75. Ridden twice. Got the owners manual and a bunch...
  10. Jude Ephesus

    Sears WorkMate 200

    So, I’ve used and abused this thing for years. Unfortunately, the jaws / table top were made of particle board and veneer. I leave this thing out regularly and Mother Nature has caught up with her. I tried to buy replacement pieces, but the wood jaws for the Workmate 200 were supposedly...
  11. Jude Ephesus

    Huffy Women’s Bike

    So, my 10th grade daughter’s ex-boyfriend’s mom knows I’m a bike nut. (They/we’re all still good friends!) She’s cute! She picked this out of her neighbors trash and held it for me! Lol!!! The rear brake cable was seized, fixed that. -just needs some fussing with the cables, some tires and...
  12. Jude Ephesus

    ‘67 Stingray, I guess

    So, I can’t get rid of this thing. Can’t trade it, can’t sell it..... I’m not to the point of giving it away!!!!! But close!!! Here’s the start: I bought this dorky frame, jacked up fork and a nice size box FILLED with Schwinn and Wald muscle bike parts. -Extremely cheap compared to the...
  13. Jude Ephesus

    Old seat- cool, but broke! Help!

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I was thinking maybe the metal banding used for plumbing hanging? I’ll take all the advice I can get!!!
  14. Jude Ephesus

    Syracuse Classic Bikes 7/25 AM ride

    So, the good news is, we planned and had a great ride this morning!!! We cruised about 8 miles and stopped for coffee n snacks at the midpoint. The bad news is, we were supposed to hook up with “the 585 riders”, a Rochester based classic bike club, but they didn’t show up!!! :20: Maybe next...
  15. Jude Ephesus

    Old chain rehab

    I was reading on a buildoff thread the other day where I think someone was fixing up old chains by using a short vinegar bath followed by a soak in automatic transmission fluid? I can’t find it now. Anyone got some good tricks on reviving an old chain?
  16. Jude Ephesus

    Stingray and Rollfast burn and blast

    Check out this epicness for $45! ($50 if u count my tip!) Found a local guy who will strip paint off a bike by throwing it in an oven, then sand blasting it for $20-$25 per bike! I think this is a tremendous value.
  17. Jude Ephesus

    Old stingray parts

    So, I can’t dump this thing..... might as well fix it up. It’s a ‘67 Anyone got the following parts so I can gimp this thing together? I’ll pay a fair price. Just don’t take me to the cleaners! I’m looking for: Standard 20” Schwinn crank Wingtip Chainguard Standard / non-springer fork...
  18. Jude Ephesus

    ‘65 Rollfast - final pic’s

    I was trying to do a “one day deal” but I do want to freshen it up with some BLO. So, we’ll try for a 1 weekend deal. Starting point:
  19. Jude Ephesus

    Syracuse Classic Bikes July ride

    About 90 degrees at ride time. Stopped for ice cream at “world famous” Heid’s afterwards. Great night.
  20. Jude Ephesus

    Jude’s crazy Wednesday night pick!!

    Ok, so, a little rustier than the pics showed, but I scored some very unique bikes!!!!! First, the “surprise bike”. Not a part of the original deal, but was worked in last minute. I think it’s a 30s Firestone. Next up is a 40s (?) Rollfast And then, a super weird find, a Sears “two...