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  1. restodave

    Drag bike

    Ever since I was a kid trying to customize bikes, "more longer more better" was the rule for handlebars and forks and chrome is king. Over the past year or so I've been accumulating parts for a dream bike. I still haven't picked a frame for it but I am going to try to use these parts on it...
  2. restodave

    It's very blue

    Any idea what this is? It's posted locally for $125 CDN. The color is giving me pause but if it's a reasonable bike I might try to do something with it.
  3. restodave

    Northern Sun

    I saw this bike two weeks ago hanging from the ceiling of an antique shop. I broke down and bought it last Saturday. The bike appeared to be reasonably complete so it wasn't going to break the bank getting parts to get it running. The bike was made by Sunshine Waterloo Company in Waterloo...
  4. restodave

    Hometown hero

    Hi everyone, This is my first build off. I'm starting with a pile of parts I got from a buddy of mine who is a fan of the site but i don't think has an account on here. (If you're lurking and reading this Matt, thanks!) The bike is a Leader Marquis manufactured by Victoria Precision Works...
  5. restodave

    Possibly a 1959 JC Higgins?

    I just picked this up. The owner said it's a 1959 JC Higgins but I'm not so sure. I'll post serials a little later. It's remarkably clean for a bike it's ostensible age.
  6. restodave

    Columbia Springer Fork Hardware

    I just ordered these on Ebay from thenewgaragesalequeen2011. It's the pivot bolts, nuts, and rocker arms for the Columbia Springer fork all re-manufactured in stainless steel. It's perfect for my Goodyear Marathon project because I was missing some of these parts and even the parts I had were a...
  7. restodave

    1948 Columbia Goodyear Marathon

    My initial intentions were to get a bike built for the spring, but my basement is too crowded and my garage is too cold to get much done over the winter. Here is the starting point for this project: So far it's been torn down, cleaned up and given a coat or two of turtle wax that has given...
  8. restodave

    Columbia Springer Fork

    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Columbia springer fork I recently purchased on ebay. From what I understand it is missing a couple of pieces. If anyone has any details or pics of a complete fork I would greatly appreciate it. Here are a few pics from the ad on ebay.
  9. restodave

    Hello from the great white North

    Hi all, I have been on the form for a little while now, so I figure it's about time I introduce myself properly. I' just getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. As a teen back in the 70's I was an avid cycle customizer and mechanic. I had built a few choppers, and a nice stretch that...