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  1. Bama Bill


    I ran the # on my bike and I am not sure if it is a Columbia.The chainring is throwing me off.The ser# is N 7982 which I came up with 1950.I can not find any pics with that style sprocket or chainguard on that year.I did find the guard on a 48-49.I have seen that sproket but can't remember...
  2. Bama Bill

    Old bike

    I bought this 1950 Columbia,I think,with some other old bikes.The head badge is missing and it was painted with a brush long ago.It had been in a shed for 35 years.The ser# is a short N7982.
  3. Bama Bill

    Rollfast Finished

    Well I think I'm finished.I changed mymind where I was headed more than once.LOL.Here it is! The original seat cover I'll use when I get a piece of carpet pad to go under it.
  4. Bama Bill

    A pair of freebies

    I picked these up from a friend today.He came by the house to get me to drill a broken bolt out off an edger.He saw my bikes and asked if I wanted a couple more.I ask how much and he said nothing.The rest is history.There were three when we got to the old farm house he inherited.A 70s JC Pennys...
  5. Bama Bill

    Future projet

    I picked up this Murray yesterday for another project.I have three others at the moment and this one is rideable like it is.It is a 6sp and pretty tight.The chain was rusted and the procket had a bent tooth.I freed the chain up,put a sprocket off a Schwinn I parted along with an old Sun Tour...
  6. Bama Bill

    Rollfast Build

    I picked up this early 60s Rollfast double tube frame out of a recyclers pile.I have put a Schwinn one piece crank and bearing set in it from a Centenial model and will use the head set from the same bike.The plan today is using a shimano 3sp coaster brake with 26x1 3/8 tires but that will more...
  7. Bama Bill

    Hello from central Alabama

    Joined last night and found time to say hello.I've been lurking for a few days and like it here.Seems laid back and I like that.A list of my bikes are in my sig.I'll get some pics up soon.