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  1. Wizzletooth

    SOLD! Felt fat tire rims

    Black 26" rims off of a 2011 fat tire ale bike. Barely used condition.$260.00 shipped or local pickup for $200
  2. Wizzletooth

    2 Felts for the price of one

    Been wanting an ElGuapo for a while still have to fix the seat,already rebuilt the kickstand. Added the Thompson grips.
  3. Wizzletooth

    Deluxe Frankinspace

    Done,more pictures and description to follow
  4. Wizzletooth

    X53 fork, skip tooth chain/ ring

    Crusty but functioning X53 springer, works great been repainted. $100.00 shipped. Or $130.00 shipped for everything. Skip tooth chain and sprocket $45.00 shipped. Pay pal prefered
  5. Wizzletooth

    BO15 Deluxe Frankinspace

    Starting with frame from last years build off and a tank from a girls bike and modern mountain bike fork and what ever else is laying around . Started altering tank yesterday not realizing the build off was going on. Think I'll paint frame this time.
  6. Wizzletooth

    Electra "Custom" cruiser/BMX/clunker

    Three speed nexus,fat flame tires. Need to get a straight BMX fork and probably ditch chain guard.
  7. Wizzletooth

    Found a trailer to match my Deep 6

  8. Wizzletooth

    Finally got a Monark

    Need to find fender light. Came with original seat a d grips but I like these for riding. Old restore, rides real smooth.
  9. Wizzletooth

    Checkered Past aka,Tucson Rat Ruler

    spare parts build,just stuff I had laying around. Rides real smooth
  10. Wizzletooth

    Checkered Past aka,Tucson Rat Ruler

    Schwinn Ruler aluminum bike frame and what ever other parts I have laying around. Throw parts at it and see what sticks.
  11. Wizzletooth

    Bahama cruiser

    picked up this piece of ridiculousness from Craig's list,dont know what to do with it.
  12. Wizzletooth


  13. Wizzletooth

    Ratty prewar Elgin curve bar project

  14. Wizzletooth

    2010 New Belgium

    Gotta make room in the Pod for one more felt,moving to Tucson on monday
  15. Wizzletooth

    Moving to Tucson

    Moving to Tucson on Monday. Does anybody know anything about Tucson, I've never been.
  16. Wizzletooth


    For sale locally in Seattle area,$375.00 shipped in the lower 48!. Repop light,original paint,original dents and scratchs.New departure hubs on original wheels. I think the chain guard has been has new leather on original seat. PM me with any question.
  17. Wizzletooth

    Evans colson, Air Scout

    Early christmas present to me. Need to recover the seat and swap out grips.
  18. Wizzletooth

    Felt cruiser 150.00

    bare metal,Kenda flame tires,leopard print Electra seat. Available in Shoreline Washington at my garage sale on 8/12. Do not want to ship.lots of other vintage bicycle stuff available @sale. Corner of 165th and Meridian just north of Seattle
  19. Wizzletooth

    Close-out scratch and dent special

    Found this bike at the local department store for fifty percent off of fifty percent. I just wanted the wheels but it look likes my old Schwinn repop tank fits with a little mod. Still gonna use wheels for other bike and throw other parts at it that I have laying around and see what sticks...
  20. Wizzletooth

    Bikes on bridges