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  1. madracingalley


    The finished Skoodabaker
  2. madracingalley

    Maybe running a show in Saratoga NY

    Well I might I don't know yet if im doing it or not yet... depends on the demand for one.. I've seen alot of cool bikes around Saratoga and thought i might try to reserve the parking lot of the saratoga auto museum. If so heres the idea...
  3. madracingalley


    I have an old 1950s scooter fresh outa the barn for this project "The Skootabaker" I plan to have it done over the end of my vacation. Leave comments as always Friday: Teardown Saturday:Strip Paint, primer, and repaint Saturday night: Pinstiping Sunday: rebuild
  4. madracingalley

    197? Ross Polobike

    ' Rides great i ride it around the neighbor hood *looking for Apollo 3spd or Huffy Slingshot for trade*
  5. madracingalley

    new here but not to riding old bikes

    hi im here because i love the look of vintage bicycles and rat rodz i have a mind- to late 70s Ross Polo9bike im mint condition that i treat like a rat rond but i still keep looking shiny and new. i ride it often and ride i also have a bike my dad built for me when i was a camp out of 10 bikes...