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  1. whitefiretiger

    Any idea what this bmx i bought is?

    Well a friend of mine asked me to look for an old bmx for him (he was into it big in the late 70s early 80s) as a reminder of the old days. Well we grabbed bike on auction for $5 but not sure what it is. The crank arm says team schwinn, wheels are son lite racing. Any id help would be great thanks.
  2. whitefiretiger

    Firestone girl & huffy boy muscle

    So I just acquired 2 kids bikes and know jack about them. Any info would be great. First is this girls Firestone bike. Its missing its head badge & been repainted but where the repaint is popping off the chain guard you can see Firestone and the shield with F in it. Haven't been able to...
  3. whitefiretiger

    73 Heavy-Duti fast build (Done; well mostly)

    So picked up a 73 Schwinn Heavy duty the other day and I'm hoping to make this a fast build and ride it. The day I got it after a little cleaning. Today I fitted up a pair of crankbrook wheels with my Bontrager Hank tires and bolted them up. Well the rear was a bit fun because the fender was...
  4. whitefiretiger

    1973 Schwinn Heavy-Duty value

    So I just picked up my first real Schwinn cruiser. Its a 1973 Heavy-duty. Has its S-7 wheels. A bit rusty but very solid & heavy lol. Wondering what this beast is worth.
  5. whitefiretiger

    (MBBO Class 1) Space Spyder

    I'm feeling crazy so here goes MBBO entry #2 Starting with my pieced together 66-68 spaceliner (7tank) frame. Basically I'm shooting for an offbeat blend of a Sears Spaceliner & Sears Spyder hence the name Space Spyder. Here's the Photoshop I've done up to show an idea what I'm planning...
  6. whitefiretiger

    (MBBO Class 1) BAD WOLF

    Well here is my entry #1 for the MBBO Its a purple Brat under that black spray bomb that was done by the boy that owned it. I have a idea in my head of how I want to paint this up and the name may give some of you an idea what I have in mind but it could still easily change depending how...
  7. whitefiretiger

    Cool bike taxi thing

    So I found this for sale but can't afford the $1000 firm price tag but was hoping to see if anybody knows anything about it. Was brought back by solider from Vietnam war.
  8. whitefiretiger


    Just picked up this old pack of Colorwhirls tonight I know nothing about them; like when they were made. But thought they were cool. They have 2 pages of instructions as well. There's 7 different colors (only 7 pieces in the pack was there more? Any info would be cool.
  9. whitefiretiger

    Some kind of muscle bike

    Just picked this up and haven't got a clue what it is. The gal I got it from said her son had changed some parts when he had it. She said the front wheel and stem were replaced as were the tires but wasn't sure what else he may have changed. Also she said she couldn't remember what he did...
  10. whitefiretiger

    Mount spaceliner tank

    Feel like a total noob for this but... How does the straight tank mount to a spaceliner frame? I know the tank opens and goes closed around the head tube but what holds the back end of the tank up to the underside of the bars?
  11. whitefiretiger

    26" hook bead tires?

    Need to know what people are doing for hook bead tires. I have a couple bikes that have 26x1.75 rims and need to find tires for them. The hand full of modern 26x1.75 tires I've tried don't fit right (set too far inside the rim and don't look right) but seem to grab the rim ok & hold air. So far...
  12. whitefiretiger

    20" huffy age & value

    A friend is looking into buying this bike but asked me to help id it. I know its a huffy and 20" wheels with the adjustable top tube/tank. Based off the chainring I guessed late 60s or early 70s but I know squat about kids bikes so any help would be great.
  13. whitefiretiger

    59 Western Flyer Super Deluxe Tank Model (AKA 3-on-the-tree)

    Well I'm going to start a build thread for my 1959 Western Flyer Super Deluxe Tank Model. :eek: this bike has a long name :eek: {Now calling this build "3-on-the-tree" } Seeing as my work schedule and location have been getting switched around a lot lately and its been to unbelievably hot out...
  14. whitefiretiger

    1959 Western Flyer. finally figured it out

    Going to be going to check out this western flyer here after a bit and was hoping to come up with a ballpark year & value (maybe an idea who built it)
  15. whitefiretiger

    Dragster look wheels & tires

    Thought this would be a fun thread to start seeing as there's so many drag race themed bikes in the build off. I'll start with my set that I have yet to find the right bike bike to put them on. These are 26" freewheel set that I bought a couple years ago because I thought they were unique...
  16. whitefiretiger

    CWC related question

    So I have my 47 cwc frame I'm putting my 41 western flyer parts on for my rat build and I keep forgetting to ask this question... Is it normal that the left seat stay goes further out than the right? Had one local guy say it is a whizzer ready frame but I want to check here. Only pic I have...
  17. whitefiretiger

    Bike parts as art.

    I don't want to see full bikes being hung on the wall; just parts. Here's my JC Higgins crankset I got yesterday with hanging it up being the plan.
  18. whitefiretiger

    JC Higgins crankset value?

    Found a guy that has one of these crank sets (both arms and chain ring) I'm thinking it would make a cool item for my wall. He said make an offer and he'd let me know. Im not going to offer much but would like an idea of value because I can't find any for sale for refference. Thanks.
  19. whitefiretiger

    Holiday Service station bikes

    Just picked up this Huffy built Holiday Impala that was sold by the Holiday ServiceStation and would like to see some others. I know there used to be a Holiday here but closed years ago and is none in the state now but they are still in business in other states. This will probably be my...
  20. whitefiretiger

    AMF Roadmaster Skyrider year? Value?

    Trying to help a friend figure out what year this bike is and a value. Her husband lost his job (28 years with the company and 1.5 years till retirement) and is wanting to sell her bike to help with money. Its an all original AMF Roadmaster Skyrider that is in amazing condition. It rides like a...