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    Fun with curves

    Thanks guys! the bike is on temp hold, waiting for a new drive belt for my mill. Gives me lots of time to play with other stuff in the garage. Lathe is working nice... as for the triple trees, very simple design, wish i had more experience milling, i might waiste a couple pieces of aluminium...
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    Fun with curves

    Springer is being made. Thanks!
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    Fun with curves

    Thanks ocd. As for the headless headtube, i forgot all about it hehehe, readi.g thru the thread reminded me. They'll be others Some of the parts im planning may come out rougher than what should be acceptable... but itll have To do.
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    Fun with curves

    A bit bummed right now. I am definitely a machinist noob. I know what i want just don't think i am doing it the best way... i might bug some of my hobby machinist friends on this .one. Rich
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    Fun with curves

    Guess I'll have to scale pics, heres the bike, I'm working o. The front forks now.
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    Fun with curves

    Photobucket is loading slow, I'll load some bike shots later Rich
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    Fun with curves

    Wooo, looks like that works ;) how about this
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    Fun with curves

    Thanks luke! This is a picture test.
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    Fun with curves

    Been a horrible couple years... said goodby to my dad last jan,he made it to 85. Gonna miss the ole guy. He sure did get a kiick outta the things i was doing in the garage . Trying to learn a few things, when i figure out how to post pics with my phone.will show making a triple tree, by a...
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    Just stopping to say hello

    Sorry to see ya go mr stretch, your Bikebuilding really helped to inspire me. i picked up some machinist equipment to push me beyond building the frame. anyhow enjoy life! Rich
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    winterbuild jats's, Momma jats-a-trike? anything goes

    Not that cold here, but i have an unheated garage and a door is missing, so it is whatever outside temps are rigt now... looking forward to the trike build! :cool2: rich
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    winter buildoff just having some fun

    I do my building outside, unfortunately work, short days and cold weather are slowing me down! Metal on the way, It may take a tad bit more time for me to getstarted though ;-) :arghh: I still in this thing:grin: rich
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    winter buildoff just having some fun

    Wow, cool deal! I was thinking the muscle bike challenge would stall this for a month... no idea what I am gonna build. Gotta get into the garage. and draw up some concepts... order metal... select some parts.... big fat rear tire... big apes.... lots a curves..... hmmmm starting to sound...
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    Custom Made Parts, Gear stick, Lights, Sprocket

    Really nice work all the way around! Rich
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    Fun with curves

    You do some really cool bikes skulldaddy, it would be great to see more of them in the threads. I'm just a beginner hack wannabee bike builder, i learn plenty from all the creative builds i see in the threads here :mrgreen: On my progress; my lathe is a work in progress, it kinda works, it...
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    Working on next KrupisVello "a la 1930" frame

    That's a really nice blend of old and new... old school design with modern building materials and technique. Not Sure about the bottom bracket placement, seems it is not the most secure place to have it for strength. I really like the bike though ;-) Rich
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    BOSS Sting-Ray

    Its hard to hit the exact radius and placements on the real thing as opposed to the concept. I like the changes though, but if ya ask me ya never can place too much rake on a bike or have the headtube too high :lol: Its looking mean, nice build :mrgreen: Rich
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    Sweet & Low

    Re: Slow Motion (aka: Sweet N Low) Awesome! Ill be watching :mrgreen: Rich
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    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    Re: "GULF SWING" Out of gas... That 5spoke pattern does really look cool! That'll look cool on one of your next builds Luke! Rich :)
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    Had to show you guys this killer cool Quad bike

    While the price is steep, that is not really the point, it cool technology! Not as many pics as i was hoping for, but they are pretty upfront on the components they are using and the way it is going together 8) i have been wanting to do a quad for sometime, this is good inspiration. :mrgreen: Rich