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  1. oddrodal

    Found: 20" fork for a orang krate

    Looking for a 20" blade or springer fork for a 70 stingray boys bike with front brake. it is a orang krate but i will be happy with a blade fork. hopefully not priced like feebay. Thanks
  2. oddrodal


    Have had this In the shed for a while. also have another frame. had no idea what it was till I seen a old add of one
  3. oddrodal

    Frame ID help

    Sorry I cant seem to get my photo size small enough to post one. Got a frame with no badge. by some interweb looking I found a Huffman bike that looks like it. Serial #48821 with HBW under it. Huffman bicycle works????. Rear facing dropouts.... Thanks for all help if you might know!!!
  4. oddrodal

    Not to fresh 20" Manark

    Got this a little while back. Need a correct chain guard if u have one
  5. oddrodal

    24" Higgins tanker

    A family friend has a resale shop and while my wife was visiting she spotted this old Higgins and shot me a photo to see if I wanted it, so picked it up today. It's a 24" with a jet plane on chain guard and looks like a bridge behind it (golden gate?) Lots of patina and was original red. Wheels...
  6. oddrodal

    1952 Schwinn wasp, hornet ??

    Picked up this today. Serial #C123xx 1952 but not Shure what model. Frame is black under the blue spray bomb with white darts. no kick stand. funky stem. and incorrect parts, chain ring, rear wheel, bolts in springer. Going to hit it with some easy off and see what I can find
  7. oddrodal

    Base model space liner

    Got this base chrome model space liner the other day. Still has the OG sears all state tires in very good shape non correct front fender. Clear is starting to come off in places. Also got the same type frame but painted but the serial # has MO what model will this be?
  8. oddrodal

    J C Higgins Lots of patina

    Picked this up off the local 5mile site. Bendix 2spd. Got it soaking for teardown. haven't had time to check the numbers
  9. oddrodal


    Got to say it has been a blast and a pain but seeing all the great builds on here was a education and some were very entertaining! The chicken motor didn't work out so maybe use it for a future build. To all the custom builds :praise::rockout:
  10. oddrodal

    GT timberline year??

    Found this on local 5 mile site... Is there a way to date this bike? serial# GT4K1533:39::forum:
  11. oddrodal

    GT timberline

    Found this on my local 5 mile. Looks to be all OG but missing grips. Don't know the year but serial # GTK1533... I really like all chrome bikes even thou kind of a pain to keep looking nice.
  12. oddrodal

    Nishiki project

    Got this Nishiki Olympic bike as part of a trade... Have no idea of year, some crusty parts. At some point thinking about a fixed gear.
  13. oddrodal

    Schwinn cruiser 5 & colson and ?

    Got this cruiser 5 Sunday and the others last Thursday..... I like the cruiser5 but to bad it's not a 1980's. Still has the Schwinn/Giant tag on the dropout. Colson and the lady's bike got in a trade, not Shure what model and year the colson is but it will match up great with my pacemaker.
  14. oddrodal

    Giant MTB

    Picked this up a few weeks ago but I don't know much about MTB's... Think I is a 1992, when I went to get it they told me the fork was blown but I got it home and played with it, shot some air back in the fork and it has been working fine. got it cheep to play around with but not Shure if some...
  15. oddrodal

    Trans-it (New grips so calling it done)

    Newbie here to a build off... But think I will give it a try. This is the starting point and wing it as I go. This bike started life as a girls bike(trans-it) but a friend I got it from did the change over. Will use parts off my Schwinn and other stuff I can dig up. If the motor fits the fork I...
  16. oddrodal

    Couple of bikes with no badges

    Picked up 2 yesterday with no badges, Think the men's is a colson or ?... Frame is great but fenders & guard need lots of work and front wheel is not correct. The girls bike has eclipse rear hub with K4 36 13
  17. oddrodal

    Change this to a skip link

    I'm Shure this has been asked before, Can I change the non skip to a skip link if so where can I find it... Thanks.
  18. oddrodal

    Help with year on this schwinn c model

    I posted this Schwinn c model a while back and was told it was around 1935 - 1940... I took some of the gold paint off and found black with white darts. I'm posting a bike that shows it's a 1935 and the darts are the same, Did this paint go more than one year ?
  19. oddrodal

    Picked up this schwinn, Is it a heavy or middle weight?

    I'm not Shure how to tell if this is a heavy weight or a middle weight. Can it be a phantom or ?? The serial #p11668 shows 1954/1956 I'm curious if this would have had S-2 balloon or S-7 wheels, 2 or 3 speed. Still trying to get the stem unstuck so I can put the correct fork on it:arghh:
  20. oddrodal

    A little piece of Frot Worth history

    Picked up this bike last week off CL. It was sold by a department store that started out as a small grocery store in 1918 and when it closed in the 1970s it was the equivalent of Wall-Mart today. Don't know who made it for them but at some point in time they started selling all there items under...