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  1. gravediggerjason

    Cali Girl just got a bike today! =)

    welcome, nice starter bike should be effective enough at getting you hooked on bikes! cant wait to see what ye make of it...
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    New to Board

  3. gravediggerjason

    more info??

    LOL yeah me too, they are crazy cool....
  4. gravediggerjason

    Skip Tooth Sprocket

    :!: Wow Uncle Stretch when you wanna answer a question you answer it! I nominate you for's very own Dear Uncle Stretch Column! :mrgreen: No but sincerly thanks for the info I always kinda wondered bout that.
  5. gravediggerjason

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!aka RatRod

    Happy birthday Steve (better late then never) just take a rain check for it and celebrate when ya feel better....
  6. gravediggerjason


    Welcome ... are you hiring (will work for bike parts) ... no seriously I would!
  7. gravediggerjason

    Would You Be Mad If...

    It seems like at least once aweek I come home to that, it only bugs me that the kids dont put them away... there "was" one that they all fought over and wanted to ride its my rat columbia no real money in it but has a rusty springer and apes so they like to take it out, last friday when I got...
  8. gravediggerjason

    I think I may have saved a friends life (Please read)

    Thanks for the prayers and thoughts, I wasnt try'n to steal the thread, just add to it. Thank you.
  9. gravediggerjason

    My bikes...

    cool stuff man i dig it
  10. gravediggerjason

    Weird people on Craigslist - Tell your story

    Oh Gawd no not screws! .... at elast they are showing up, spent a day last week waiting on a guy, he called get directions said he'd be there in an hour... bout 45 minutes later call and say he was running late but on the way, then calll again 45 minuted later and so on all day... bout 8 hours...
  11. gravediggerjason

    my first schwinn... 50's i think

    I got mine off of ebay, just a repop same with the rack at one point when I started this project I wanted to make it look like a Phantom and have it all perfect and shtuff .... but... I couldn't wait so picked up a wally world donor bike and stripped it for the all the goodies wheels n tires...
  12. gravediggerjason


    I've been riding my daughters 54 schwinn this week fine tuning it and removing the rattles n squeaks... plus its so comfy to roll on!
  13. gravediggerjason

    Bout as American as Apple Pie...

    Its Memorial Day weekend... Just happened to be sitting in Veterans park in my little town and noticed how American the view was... thought I would share it... anyone else got one, you know a good view to share of your memorial day weekend...
  14. gravediggerjason

    Tina's Pride-New Pics added 6-06-09

    Re: Tina's Pride-Couple pics added 5-19-09 did you ever straighten out the frame?... soooo, i had an idea on how to... a small bottle jack, some pipe, and a block of wood.. place the pipe inside the frame at the rear tri at the drop outs, dont use to big of pipe or it will bent the other...
  15. gravediggerjason

    find of the day

    sweet deal... :wink: but I think they put the frame and handlebars on backwards!!
  16. gravediggerjason

    New in NorCal, they have some.
  17. gravediggerjason

    1950 something jc higgins custom "THE HIGGINS"

    You know karfer... I said it before and I'll say it again "this bike screams toughness in the face of every other bike on the road...." made this post 2 1/2 years ago and every time I log on even when its been months in between its always near the top of the page.... tht has to mean...
  18. gravediggerjason

    Is it a bike?

    Oh SCHNAP!!
  19. gravediggerjason

    my first schwinn... 50's i think

    Thanks! B947790.... 59 I think, not that it matters to terribly much any more! it was on the drop out...