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  1. horsefarmer

    24" Specialized Hotrock

    Thanks! A few months ago he got to ride it around here and had a blast - even in it's current sad shape. It's really a nice little bike. :)
  2. horsefarmer

    24" Specialized Hotrock

    Picked this up at a Police auction 2 years ago. I assume it was recovered theft. Tires were bald and entire bike painted flat black. All I did was give it a bath with oven cleaner and throw much better used tires on it. I'm gonna redo it for my grandson, it's ride able now but very ugly...
  3. horsefarmer

    Huffu Seascout

    Another sad little girl from the police auction... Let's throw some interesting bits at it. ;) As sad as it is, It's cool that both tires are wore out, at least this bike lasted a while and gave some kids good service. Non other than GuitarlCarl thought this frame properly BMX like so lets...
  4. horsefarmer

    Columbia Powder Puff Racer. Done!

    She's a bit of an odd duck - bits and pieces of maybe 10 old kids bikes. Can't believe how nice the old chrome front fork looks on there! Have to scrounge up 2 reflectors for the wheels yet. The plastic fenders came from the Pinwheels by Murray bike. They look so much cooler on here. :)
  5. horsefarmer

    ('90s GT Arette) gearing a road bike

    6mi test ride went great! There are 3 pretty good hills a great test of low gears. Also a nice long down hill cruise stretch for high gear. :) 2nd gear got me up the steepest hill. Top gear always felt like there was resistance to pedal against, not "too easy" like it was with the 44t...
  6. horsefarmer

    ('90s GT Arette) gearing a road bike

    Added vintage 48t oval chainring. I had to remove the inner rings for clearance. Nice 175mm length too. Taking for test ride today.
  7. horsefarmer

    ('90s GT Arette) gearing a road bike

    Pulled the crank today. Surprised bearing bracket was gritty and hard to turn. Upon removal it was full of rust, dirt and bugs! After a thorough cleaning and re-lube bearings are fine again. Still looking for a crankset 48 to 52t. Have a couple that may work and going to try them tomorrow.
  8. horsefarmer

    Specialized Crossroads 24 speed

    Ditched the suspension seat post. Upgraded to a seat I picked up on Amazon. :thumbsup:
  9. horsefarmer

    Sort of virtual classic bicycle 31 day race

    15 mi on the Specialized today. Got rid of the suspension seat post and added an inexpensive Amazon seat, much better!
  10. horsefarmer

    Columbia Powder Puff Racer. Done!

    Spy photos! Put a chrome Ashtabula fork on. Allows the cool fenders. Kinda beat chrome but was only $2 Threads kinda messed up, had to cut 1" off of steerer. Saved it tho!
  11. horsefarmer

    Remember when . . .
  12. horsefarmer

    Columbia Powder Puff Racer. Done!

    Yep, had to scrub them pretty good to see the stripe. 28". Fork is tweaked somehow. :( Uh Oh.
  13. horsefarmer

    Columbia Powder Puff Racer. Done!

    Used wheels and tires from the stash. Pink tires faded pretty badly so not using them. Cool purple stripes! Frame got a wash up.
  14. horsefarmer

    What about YELLOW bikes?!

    Want Nongoose and Notomag stickers now! :) Also this Bratz BMX is pretty darn yellow.
  15. horsefarmer

    Womans Huffy

    O.G. paint on frame looks interesting.
  16. horsefarmer

    1988 Panasonic sport LX

    Took this around the 12 mile block. Amazed it takes bumps in the pavement so well with 80 psi in those skinny tires and no suspension. A tribute to the design and materials of the frame. Next upgrade will probably be a vintage trigger shifter for the rear derailleur.
  17. horsefarmer

    Araya Faux-Class Wheels

    I have at least one CMC wheel, they are super heavy. I assume it's bulletproof?
  18. horsefarmer

    The true value of this hobby...

    I agree with the sentiments stated above. I was just telling the wife how satisfying it was to bring back muscle and BMX bikes from from the grave with totally recycled bike bits. The ratio for me is probably scrap 6 bikes for every one I keep and build. I'm still going thru carcasses of...
  19. horsefarmer

    BMX Bratz bike - Done!

    Completed. Kinda fun throwing cool parts at this frame. Putting reflectors on em' to keep the kids safe.