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  1. DeFresh

    Unofficial Voting Results

    Congrats yall!!! now where we riding to?! haha
  2. DeFresh

    WBO 2018 - VOTE HERE!!!

    Lesson learned thanks RatRod
  3. DeFresh

    WBO 2018 - VOTE HERE!!!

    Only reason was I dont know how lol but i think I see a way now..... Thats a direct upload, Sorry :( like I said im new to this... Thank you for your help!!
  4. DeFresh

    WBO 2018 - VOTE HERE!!!

    Hey, everyone I talk to is saying my toaster entry in not showing an image? this is what I see from several computers.....:( it is for people scrolling past my broken link :blackeye:
  5. DeFresh


    Awesome, love the details that compliment the "Tiki Gods" haha
  6. DeFresh

    Hi from a Brit in New Jersey

    welcome! Im also in NJ, Toms River area.
  7. DeFresh

    Black Betty

    awesome job! sleek and clean!
  8. DeFresh

    Behind Bars B.C. of New Jersey

    Heres some random pics of us doing what we do.
  9. DeFresh

    Behind Bars B.C. of New Jersey

    Stickers available! Just email..
  10. DeFresh

    Behind Bars B.C. of New Jersey

    Heres some pics of some of the bikes of Behind Bars BC Flora' Notorious Blue Balls The Brave Little Toaster MP Bike Stella Lady Liberty Ill post more bikes later!
  11. DeFresh

    Behind Bars B.C. of New Jersey

    Hey yall, Adam DeFresh here. I started Behind Bars back in 2010, our club is a little different then most, the idea of a bicycle club between me and the few that started it was of community, so with that there is no petitioning or requirements except that you love bikes. We have custom...
  12. DeFresh

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Cool thread! Heres some zoom! Patina at its best! This is a Nickle welded over a rott hole lol
  13. DeFresh


    Just finished my Stella, would be cool to be bike of the day! heres my Facebook:
  14. DeFresh

    The Brave Little Toaster - Finished

    haha Thank you Carl! I havent givin up on the toy toaster idea, just havent came across the rite stuff yet, when it happends ill def post!
  15. DeFresh

    Nautilus (Beached Bobber)

    A true work of art, I remember saying WWWOOOOOWW out load several times watching this come together. Kudos, and great job thinking "out side the box" on several aspects of this build!
  16. DeFresh

    Scribble's 1930's D.P Harris, Dubbed Idaho Spud.

    Idaho Spud is one of my favs, im a huge fan of the way this is and the earth-tones used are perfect. :41:
  17. DeFresh

    The Brave Little Toaster - Finished

    A link to the restore/build.......
  18. DeFresh

    Vaterland burrito

    If the grim reaper rode a bike, this would be it!! Killer build!!
  19. DeFresh

    Faux Pedersen Ortho - Finished

    Probably one of the most memorable builds in this competition, truly enjoyed watching this come together and the details involved. Awesome.
  20. DeFresh

    The Red Baron.

    Awesome build!! Looks like something all the kids drooled at as it rode past during the era of streamers and banana seats, and now to be drooled at today!!