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  1. BobbyStillz

    PERSIAN EXCURSION (1969 Buzz Bike)

    Ok, I'm going to take another swing at this. FYI the Pink Panther will still be finished and presented in all it's glory. For now though, I will be building out another '67 ish Murray, but instead of an Eliminator, it will be a Buzz Bike. Big thanks to @Scribble for the bones.
  2. BobbyStillz

    ISO original '70s & '80s concert/band shirts.

    Hello Party People! This might be a long shot, but does anyone have any old concert tees they're willing to let go of? My dad got rid of his when they stopped fitting (long before I showed interest), I am almost 40 and still have the same body type as I did in high school (I know, poor me)...
  3. BobbyStillz

    Grinding off tabs

    Hello Party People! Can I partially or entirely grind off a tab without having to move into class 2? Thanks Here's what I am considering removing (at least partially).
  4. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Rectangle headlight like Rampar and Soubitez

    Looking for a rectangular headlight or fog light with decent to clean chrome. Doesn't have to be Rampar or Soubitez (or even from a bicycle) just looking for anything in that vein. Please share pics of what you've got (see examples below). Thanks!
  5. BobbyStillz

    1957 J.C. Higgins (Wifey wants a cruiser)

    So I have built and customized a lot of bikes. Every now and again, my wife will ask me, when am I going to build HER a cruiser. She has her 1969 Schwinn Collegiate (which she loves), but it's not quite the lead sled bombers I cruise around on. Well, I had been trying to find the perfect bike...
  6. BobbyStillz

    ISO Sacramento (SACTO) bicycle license plate

    I guess Sacramento didn't put years on their plates, so I need at least 1 plate (2 would be great). Thanks
  7. BobbyStillz

    1985 Team Murray SX2

    Found this little guy today.
  8. BobbyStillz

    Schwinn Spitfire tire and tube 26x1.75

    Schwinn Spitfire tire with original Schwinn tube. $40 w/ free shipping CONUS.
  9. BobbyStillz

    52T Monark sprocket / chainwheel

    52T Monark chainwheel $20 w/ free shipping CONUS.
  10. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Schwinn Exerciser fork assembly

    Looking for just the fork assembly (with nuts and bolts) off a Schwinn Exerciser stationary bike.
  11. BobbyStillz

    BO15 PINK PANTHER - Close, but no cigar.

    Ok! Long time listener first time caller :21: Excited to finally get in on an official buildoff! My build is being christened PINK PANTHER, and I will be building around a 20" Murray Eliminator frame. Just got the frame from @Jaxon last week, so we'll see what happens!
  12. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Buzz bike/Eliminator frame

    Hello Party People! I am looking for a Murray built Buzz Bike/Eliminator frame only. Need it structurally sound, cups/bearings are a bonus, but paint can be trashed as I am going bare metal. I already have a fork, seat and wheels in mind so all I need is the frame (I have the guard as well)...
  13. BobbyStillz

    ISO a pair of white walls 26" x 2.35"

    Hello Party People! I need a pair of Bontrager white wall tires size 26" x 2.35". Anyone have a set? Open to another brand of the same size and aesthetic. Thanks
  14. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Trade my sprocket for your 26t sprocket

    Hello Party People! I would like to trade for a 26t chain wheel (sprocket) in this design (CWC I believe): I am offering ONE of the following sprockets in trade: 24t CWC Roadmaster NOS 52t WALD I am also open to a Westfield made 26t sprocket. I only seem to find 24t, but if you have a...
  15. BobbyStillz

    1945 Westfield 'Spitfire', BALLOONATIC

    See the full build here, in the 'Builds' forum.
  16. BobbyStillz

    1950 M/W Hawthorne Triple Bar

  17. BobbyStillz

    1948 Roadmaster Custom

  18. BobbyStillz

    *FOUND* Trade my SA grip shifter for your Schwinn Varsity stem

    I am in need of a Schwinn Varsity stem (or any model schwinn stem that style - angled down). I have a few different things I could trade for it but I'll start with this Sturmey Archer 3 speed grip shifter with cable (no pull chain or hub). If you have the stem I need, but need a different part...
  19. BobbyStillz

    1945 Westfield custom, custom...

    So I started going through this Westfield frame I got from Jeffry Olsen. This is so bad ...! So it's a wartime frame (1945) and the crank assembly is mostly blackout parts (though the original owner tried to buff out the black). What is super cool, is the hot rod paint job done in, what looks...
  20. BobbyStillz

    **FOUND** Westfield headset cups and bearings

    Hello Party People! Does anyone have an extra set of Westfield headset cups and bearings? I need a set just over 1 1/4" (pic 1). I have a J.C. Higgins set, but they're a smidge too big at 1 3/8" (pic 2). Thanks in advance