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  1. cruisehard


    2018 Cruiser 1 like new. 26 " mens Lots of upgrades. $175 obo Pick up in Dayton, Ohio.
  2. cruisehard

    1960's Columbia

    Semi restored Vintage mens 26" Columbia Sterling for sale. Mini apes, new grips, new rear innertube have been added. Rims have been painted. Original Messenger saddle. Nice red stripe Bendix hub. Rides really nice. $80 obo! Local pickup from Dayton, Ohio.
  3. cruisehard

    Electra Cruiser 1

    2018 Electra Cruiser 1 in mint condition. Thinning out the heard. No issues. Local pick up in Dayton, Ohio only. $200 obo!
  4. cruisehard

    Fattest tires for 26" rim?

    Hello, I have an Electra cruiser with 26x2.125 tires and was wondering if I can throw on some fatter tires like a 26x3? I'm basically just wanting to install a fat slick tire on the rear. recommendations (and pics) appreciated!
  5. cruisehard

    Electra Retrorunners SOLD!

    Almost new Electra Retrorunner tires! Only like 25 miles on them! (or less) No damage or punctures. $35 Will trade for black mini ape hangers only. $35 cash Local pick up unless you want to pay for shipping costs and materials!
  6. cruisehard

    Tire pressure?

    This might be a silly question but it's been bothering me... I like to ride with at least 55psi in my tires but most tire manufacturers have a rating of 35-40 psi. Say if I was to buy tires rated at 40 psi... could I over inflate them to 50 and be fine? (tires not blowing up on me while...
  7. cruisehard

    Black Bullet Headlight

    Pretty much NIB Black Bullet headlight for sale. Works as it should. Comes with mounting bracket. Bonus Batteries included! $20 shipped PayPal or money order.
  8. cruisehard

    Bike racks with long wheel base help...

    I'm looking for a platform style hitch rack with a wheel base long enough to fit 2 Electra cruisers. I'm also not trying to spend anything over $200...Any suggestions?
  9. cruisehard

    Electra Rat Rod wanted!

    Like a dummy I sold my beloved 2010 Electra Rat Rod (single speed) because of finacial issues and moving. So now I'm am desperately looking for another one. So if anyone out there knows where I can score one please let me know. Thanks!
  10. cruisehard

    HBBC cruisers?

    Anyone here own one of these bikes? I'm looking to possibly get the SkullxBones Downtown cruiser. They look awesome and seem to have good customer service... I'm curious as to how they ride and the quality of the components. Link...
  11. cruisehard

    Bontrager red line Hanks wanted!! (or electra red line retrorunners)

    Why are these awesome tires discontinued? Ughh... Not even Scambay has em. Help?
  12. cruisehard

    2018 Electra Cruiser 1...

    I'm digging the Satin Midnight Blue but... Should I go with white walls or red walls? Fenders maybe?
  13. cruisehard

    "Duro" tires... any good?

    It's been forever since I've posted on here... anyways, what's the word on these tires? They look pretty cool and the price is right. Thanks. ... 1423.l2649
  14. cruisehard

    When to overhaul a coaster hub?

    Well, my coaster brake has been acting kinda funny these past few days...makes a more noticeable "shhhhhh" sound when stopping and also stopping more sudden. Is that a sign that the grease is starting to go? The hub in question is a newer Shimano E type.
  15. cruisehard

    Gyes Saddles?

    Just curious about this saddle: ... 1423.l2649 I like the fact that it's 10''wide and blacked out. Anybody own one? Is it comparable to Brooks?
  16. cruisehard

    Metal anyone?

    Check out Architects of Doom (my band, I play the geetar)on Reverbnation. Old school metal with some hardcore influence. If ya dig it, hit us up on Facebook and "like" it.
  17. cruisehard

    3G Cruisers?

    Know the skinny on this brand? My step daughter is wanting this one...
  18. cruisehard

    '62 Schwinn Fiesta

    Scored this today for step daughter, a 1962 Schwinn Fiesta from the original owner. It's all original and almost mint! No stuck parts either. I think I'm as stoked as she is!! haha (Looking for a torpedo/fender light for it)
  19. cruisehard

    Photo of the week

    On the official Electra web goes out to Willow, my step daughter for the shot. I actually wore those sun glasses to be silly, trying to look like Erik Estrada...but apparently the good folks at Electra dug it enough to contact me through Facebook and asked if I would like to be...
  20. cruisehard

    Bottom Bracket Overhaul

    I am going to overhaul my Bottom Bracket and need some tips on what cleaners/solvents/degreasers to use that are on the cheap.