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  1. xddorox

    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    So I haven't been around bikes or riding for 4 years. I've been too busy learning photography. Took the old girl for a ride today and got seduced by the smooth ride. I build bikes for riding comfort first and looks second. I slapped this together with 2 frames 4 years ago and put on about 150...
  2. xddorox

    U-245 Hammerfish Folder

    So the genesis of this build is a need that has to be filled. What you see on the left is a 10 pound Speed Graphic Camera and it's industrial weighted tripod. I need to haul this around the City and my back and arms will just give out if I carry this on foot. Hence the making of this ride. The...
  3. xddorox

    First real day of Spring = first ride of the season

    If you don't live here it's hard to understand how liberating the first real nice sunny day feels like. I kicked myself in the butt and pulled out my long neglected Carbait 2, tweaked it up and went for a ride. I'd forgotten how sweet and relaxing it was to cruise around. I spent most of my...
  4. xddorox

    Montreal Street Photography

    Hey guys, some of you might now me from way back. I've been away from bikes for a while and dived hard into photography deciding to apply myself and learn some new skills. I'll use this post to share with you some of my shots from my city taken with digital and film cameras. Like bikes, old...
  5. xddorox

    Raleigh Chopper designer Alan Oakley leaves us at 85

    Details here: The featured bike was mine once.
  6. xddorox

    Montreal demonstrations, a member's report

    So I figured I'd give you guys a 411 on the situation here since it might make the media on your end and I'm afraid a 30 second spin is not enough to get the big picture. 100 days ago students went on strike to protest tuition fee hikes. The provincial government tried to compromise but what...
  7. xddorox

    Photo City Bike build

    Hey guys. Haven't been around for a while. My new quest for knowledge has dropped me into photography and it's been keeping me real busy. Not a real special build but I needed a decent City bike to get me and the gear around the city this summer in order to get some nice shots. I started off...
  8. xddorox

    Future Rat Bike Builder

    Just wanted to share the new addition to our family, my grandson Elliott. Born this morning he came into this world with no worries about riding a cool bike when the time comes. :) Actually I'm pretty sure he has no worries whatsoever. Man being a kid is great. :D
  9. xddorox

    Montreal's fastest Rat Rod Bike

    Montreal is an island and there is an old boulevard that goes North to South to both shores. Every year someone organizes a time trial that covers the entire 10 km traffic. I learned about the race last Monday so no time to prepare whatsoever, not like I would anyways, and this...
  10. xddorox

    My New Brain Bucket

    My old skateboard helmet was due for replacement. The foam had shrunk and it was starting to look like crap. So I got home last week to find that my comments didn't go into deaf ears, the girls bought me a Bern helmet as a late birthday present. I had mentioned I wanted a Bern mostly because of...
  11. xddorox

    1969 Schwinn Lil' Chopper

    Re: Why did I do this? To answer your title question: Because you can. :)
  12. xddorox

    (HMS Bike) New name: Car Bait 2

    Well it's been a while since my last bike build. I really want this one to get done since I'm pretty enthusiastic about the riding position. I want to complete the proof of concept at the very least before the fall if I don't have time for the paint/finish. A work in progress, a rat, a Home Made...
  13. xddorox

    The Goose re-visited (Better Pictures)

    After an entire year of neglect I decided to pull the old girl out of storage and prepare her for a ride. Did the drivetrain lubing job and then decided to install a working speedometer and pulled out the old pinstriping brush. The work is a bit shaky but I haven't pulled lines in a few years. I...
  14. xddorox

    Maiden Voyage of the Shasta Miniflyte trailer

    Well one week and 1200 miles made for a great trip. We started on top of New Brunswick and drove down to the coast stopping by Fredericton on the way. After that we spent a few days by the Ocean in St-Martin and St-Andrews before heading into Northern Maine. We got lost in Maine trying to find...
  15. xddorox

    Off to New Brunswick and Northern Maine

    See you guys later. Leaving for New Brunswick in the morning, back on the web sometime next week. Might be driving thru Northern Maine as well. If you see this trailer on the road, don't be shy and say Hi. :) Words never rang so true! Shameless plug :mrgreen:
  16. xddorox

    Rat style Hotwheels and other Kustoms

    Inspired by Highridah and not wanting to highjack his thread( He did an awesome job on that car), here are a few kustoms I've made with Hotwheels and such. Another of my too many hobbies. Bugatti Van 55 Chevy There small size make for projects that don't take forever to...
  17. xddorox

    Bike Feature on

    Hey guys, I recently featured a local friend's bike on my blog. Would anybody be insulted if I asked for your ride to be featured at some point in time? I would need decent photos and a descriptive. I will link up to in the article and any other link you wish to add of course. So...
  18. xddorox

    Tear drop trailer build

    Some of you asked for more info on this project, so I'll post the build here. It all started with this $150 Kijiji boat trailer special. Hauled it home with my son's Camry and it had all kinds of problem, no lights, no suspension and border line tires but it made to my driveway without...
  19. xddorox

    Rusted Robin

    I didn't think I would join in the fun this year since I had no time, no money and no bike for a build. Well now I got a bike so the rest is easy enough to find or get by without. This bike as been trying to get to me for the past 3 years and I finally let it arrive today on my doorstep. My...
  20. xddorox

    Jenna Saykwa

    Here it is. Starting with a Chinese Firmstrong The Chief cruiser and stretched out bolting a rear triangle from a full suspension mountain bike to extend the frame for extra cargo capacity. The bike was photographed as is without any special make-up. What you see is actual seat height and 500 km...