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  1. DeFresh

    Behind Bars B.C. of New Jersey

    Hey yall, Adam DeFresh here. I started Behind Bars back in 2010, our club is a little different then most, the idea of a bicycle club between me and the few that started it was of community, so with that there is no petitioning or requirements except that you love bikes. We have custom...
  2. DeFresh

    The Brave Little Toaster - Finished

    All done! 2 speed kick back, all new bearings and grease and shes smooth and solid. Last pic will be a before/after. This is my first entry on this size and wont be my last, thanks for all the support! Adam
  3. DeFresh

    "Stella" Got her Groove Back.

    Welp if my advitar looks familiar its prob from the Winter 20187 Build Off with "The Brave Little Toaster". Long story short I had so much fun building this Patina style vintage looking updated cruiser called "the Brave Little Toaster" and I had the opportunity to pick up another matching frame...
  4. DeFresh

    Looking For a 26"x2 or 26"x57mm Silver/Chrome Wheelset

    The more silver the better, 2 speed or 3 speed hub.....even better. Something like these.......
  5. DeFresh

    The Brave Little Toaster

    Hello all, Few weeks ago I struck gold and came across an old Macargi Royal out for trash, I know its not a really old vintage but the bike was teetering on being "too far gone". It may not qualify for this build off but its what im building this winter and it will need alot of work...
  6. DeFresh

    A Bike addict turned car addict....back to bikes!!

    Hey everyone!! First off id like to say...this site is Awesome!!! It has given me alot of ideas and enthusiasm!! A little bit about me..... My name is Adam DeFalco, born and raised in New Jersey, im a Graphic Designer with my own business "DeFresh Photo and Design". I have always been a...