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  1. moleman

    (ORBO) Green Lantern finished

    There is a lot of things I still want to do on this bike but not on time, so here it is! Frame; Dyno knockoff (Kustom Kruiser?)(gift from friend) Seatpost; Generic (Stolen from another bike) Seat; Plastic spider web knockoff (from stash) Front wheel; generic (from stash) Rear wheel; Chris King...
  2. moleman

    (ORBO) Green Lantern

    I know this is starting late, and I have never finished a build off yet, but when a friend calls and says, "Someone left this frame in the hallway of my building, do you want it?" I just had to jump in. I only got the frame yesterday, and I plan on just throwing some part on it that I already...
  3. moleman

    Just finished a couple of Klunkers

    Who wants to get dirty? Both have coaster brakes in the back, and more modern brakes up front (because I am not insane). Heavy as Fire Truck, but really smooth, stable and fast, downhill.
  4. moleman

    We want the Klunk

    Well this will be my third build off, hopefully the first that I finish. This will be made out of parts that I have gathered over the last couple of years, sharp eyed people will notice parts that I bought from the forum! Most of the parts were bought with the idea of making a bomber/klunk of...
  5. moleman

    Evolution of a Cruiser, here I go again.

    This poor bike. While I have owned it, it has been... A fixed gear cruiser. An Xtracycle equipped cargo bike. A multi-speed klunker. A fixed gear DIY cargo bike. My Biker Build Off 5 entry. And back to a fat tire cruiser, with a coaster brake this time. Flyer... by Paul de Valera, on...
  6. moleman


    Well my buddy and I worked late into the night taking pictures. :D However, when I tried to post them at 11:45, the forum was locked. :cry: I guess midnight California time was too late, sigh. So in the interest of posterity, here is my entry to RRBB#5.
  7. moleman

    Behind the Eight Ball (Name Change)

    Well once again I am going to throw my hat in the ring, maybe I will finish for once. The frame is a black Schwinn, year unknown, found by the railroad tracks with only a bent fork. Since then, it has been a fixed gear cruiser; A 6 speed XtraCycle cargo bike; A homemade fixed gear cargo...
  8. moleman

    suspension fork upgrade

    Has anybody managed to fit a 1 1/8th inch fork into a 1 inch frame? The fork I bought from EBay was mislabeled and I might be stuck with it. :( I know that it is trying to fit a 10 pound turkey in a 5 pound bag, but if I can find the right size bearings it might work.
  9. moleman


    Well it has been awhile since my last project post. Here is my latest proof of insanity, HAZAREA. It all started one community dumpster day when I fished out a set of mtn bike wheels. The previous owner didn't want me to take them as the rims were trashed, and they were, but I managed to...
  10. moleman

    Just another Fixie

    OK, maybe not, but it reminds me of some of the bikes found here. Inspired anyone? Soviet built Takhion, Boards only. Found on,
  11. moleman

    MoleMan's Attempt

    I hope it isn't to late to join in. I found this RoadMaster abandoned near my work. I love the frame, tank that it is, so I got permission to drag it home and immediately set to stripping all the heavy components off of it. Sorry, no pics of that. Off came the suspension forks, the triple...
  12. moleman

    I left my Fixie at work...

    So I had to tow it home! Got home ok, though the cross winds were murder. The fixie that came together when I shook the parts bin. By far the lightest bike in my shed, though compared to the X-cruiser that isn't saying much.
  13. moleman


    It is slow at work and I am surfing ebay (don't tell anyone!) and I found this. ... 0085409661 I can't afford it but that is no reason why anyone else can't enjoy it!
  14. moleman

    an oldie

    Well I just got this frame, an Iver Johnson, maybe from the 1920's, and I am mocking it up with some loose parts. Don't know what I want to do with it yet, will take ideas.
  15. moleman

    Ratty Raleigh

    I think straight tube bikes need ratty love to. My mid 70's Raleigh 10speed with 700C wheels, a mid 50's SA 3speed hub, flipped bars from a kids bike and a leather seat. Meaty tires give a great ride and sporty position allows me to scare pedestrians and cut through traffic. Still working...
  16. moleman

    RRBBO - Walmart mountain bike

    I wanted to join in the fun but I don't have a spare 50 year old cruiser to rod, so I am using a frame I found on the side of the road. I have most of the parts in my stash, let's see what happens!
  17. moleman

    More poor photos

    My first rat rod bike. Sewerpipe cruiser frame, mountain bike fork, wheels, brakes, cranks, and bottom bracket. The handlebars are motorcycle chopper "z" bars, very comfy. I am entertaining offers for this bike as I have too many bikes and my wife is giving me "that look" when I bring more...
  18. moleman

    My poor photos

    Better photos to come! This is my favorite cruiser/rat bike. It looks like a stock Schwinn, but every part is from an different bike. The best part is the wheels, from a failed fixed gear mountain bike project. I thought to change it to a freewheel, but in the meantime I got used to riding...