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  1. necessaryevil

    Rollfast Musclebike Finished

    He's loving it. He spent a good 45 minutes riding in the rain x-mas eve. Now his little brother wants a nanner bike....
  2. necessaryevil

    Rollfast Musclebike Finished

    Finished it up yesterday. Found some white grips and pedals to go with the seat. The kickstand is too short so I drilled out an old golf ball and stuck it on the end to raise it up a little higher, kinda fits with the white I guess. I'll be seeing my nephew tomorrow, he should be pretty happy.
  3. necessaryevil

    grape krate restore

    Oh well, stranger things have happened. We all know who built it, I'm just glad it's still alive and kickin :D Hey CCR, how have you been dude? Looks like I've missed a bunch of stuff here lately.
  4. necessaryevil

    grape krate restore ... CN3929.jpg My old Lazy-Ray! It's cool to know that this is still together and being ridden :P
  5. necessaryevil

    Rollfast Musclebike Finished

    Re: Rollfast Musclebike I found a cheap Cheng Shin studded slick tire for it. It's not what I wanted, but I have the feeling he's gonna skid the heck out of it anyways. Just waiting for that and a set of white grips to arrive and it's done.
  6. necessaryevil

    Little Drummer Boy...AKA Monark Sportster

    I love this little bike, please post some progress pics 8)
  7. necessaryevil

    Rollfast Musclebike Finished

    Picked up this little Rollfast and started cleaning it up. No before pic, I had the bars/seat/tires/and sissy bar laying around, so not too much left to finish it up. This will be going to my 13 year old nephew for x-mas, I think he'll be stoked. I'm looking for a decent old slick or studded...
  8. necessaryevil

    Stingray Sneaker bike?

    If it's in decent shape, grab that sucker. I think they were a one year only bike.
  9. necessaryevil

    X-53 scavenger hunt

    Came home today and found my rear reflector in the mail. Getting tough to fight the urge to clean this bike.
  10. necessaryevil

    Calling All Cincinnati Rat Riders!!! August 20th Parade

    Looks like you guys had fun, thanks for the pics.
  11. necessaryevil

    X-53 scavenger hunt

    Got my tank in the mail today, horn is not working but I think it can be fixed. I'm finally happy with the progress so far :)
  12. necessaryevil

    X-53 scavenger hunt

    Mounted the grips and headlight tonight, it's slowly getting there :) . Need to paint the headlight at some point. Found a rear reflector on the bay, so that should be here soon. I've read that someone made a repop of the headlight top at one time (borrowed pic below), if anyone out there can...
  13. necessaryevil

    '34 Hawthorne moto-ballooner...

    Can't wait to see what you do with it, will be watching for sure.
  14. necessaryevil

    Rad 25th anniversary festival

    I'd say this is the only chance we will ever get :( Man if you and I were free next weekend we'd be headed to Cochrane! "This is the first opportunity in 25 years to see nearly all the original cast and crew. We are so excited to make this a reality for Rad fans all over the world," said Jeremy...
  15. necessaryevil

    Rad 25th anniversary festival

    Just found out about this, man I'd love to go I sure hope someone video documents the whole weekend.
  16. necessaryevil

    X-53 scavenger hunt

    Thanks man. Found correct grips (thanks pick!) and my tank should be here soon. I still need the rear stimsonite reflector, so if anyone has one please let me know. I would love to find the X-53 headlight top, I guess there were repops made at one time?
  17. necessaryevil

    The Naked Tangerine

    Awesome bike Mark, you gotta loose the pedal reflectors though.
  18. necessaryevil

    Folding Muscle

    Well, it's almost done, just waiting for my front tire. Not sure yet if I want to mess with paint, right now just have fun with it. I have an idea for a new name on the chainguard, gotta make a stencil.
  19. necessaryevil

    X-53 scavenger hunt

    Got my Rocket Ray yesterday, I wanted one with bad guts so that I wouldn't feel bad converting it to modern LED. Had to remove some of the battery contact area to make room for the new light. Not too bad for a single bulb, may end up gutting the entire inside and installing MORE POWER argg...
  20. necessaryevil

    Roar From Lion City, Singapore

    Really cool bikes man!, any more pics of the far right bike in the first pic? Did you make the forks? 8)