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    Very Versatile Bicycle Lights

    Do you think that , with the original strap , it could be tightly mounted on the coaster brake hub ? I like the idea of having a spinning tail light.
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    Remember when . . .

    Remember when.........before technology took over..........motor vehicle operators watched where the vehicle was going ?
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    Wear a helmet. Seriously.

    I wear helmet too. I have the usual Bell, Nutcase , Schwin , etc. Thought that I was well protected. Then I learned of Mips technology.
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    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    I have not had that problem . I am thinking possibility of getting oils from your hands on the structural bar. I would try cleaning the bar and inside of clamp. If that fails, I would lightly sandpaper the inside of the plastic tube.
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    Shipping a Bike across the US
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    Painting Rims?

    Then get plastic soda straws and make a cut on one side, lengthwise . Use them to cover the spokes . Cover the spoke nipple and end of straw with masking tape.
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    Faux retro pedals

    Usually the threads on the ends of the bolts are peened after the nuts are installed. Were you able to remove the nuts without ruining the threads ? Then , after reassembly , how did you keep the nuts from coming off?
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    Krylon Glitter Blast or Dupli-color Metal Specks?

    I sprayed a Flightliner rack with Krylon Glitter Blast - Lucky Green . Flake is dense , Micro- Spec . ie; tiny .
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    this morning pick on the back of farm truck2

    Pickin is good where you are.
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    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    This one comes to mind, but I can't get a picture to confirm it.
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    Three-In-One Oil History

    Created 1894 by George W. Cole " for the care and maintenance of a bicycle " . . Some of the vintage green glass bottles , with cork , can be seen on ebay .
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    Bleu Cheese

    Blue laces ! I saw that .
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    60s ? mens murray cruiser

    The Murray Astro-Flite had that rack with the puck shape tail light.
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    Raleigh English Racer

    Cool add to the fleet. Back in the 50s' I rode one too. We called them English Racers. Today would be Distinguished Gentleman's Ride . Doubt that you would find any Tweed Rides in the New Abnormal ! If there is a date stamped on the rear hub shell, it could also date the bike.
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    Schwinn Heavy Duty--brand new
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    Dumpster dive dilemna

    When in doubt- leave it out ! Good discussion though. A local beach town here does want to be active in fighting bike theft . I like the ideas mentioned about putting your info inside the frame. So does this Police Department :
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    ... clean grease and grime off of hands.

    Interesting tip. A long time ago I was told that if you first applied cold cream to your hands, before work, it would fill the pores of your skin. That would keep the grease and grime on the surface, making it easy to clean.
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    20" tires

    That said, it is time to measure your rim. It is important to note that it is the " bead seat diameter " that you want :
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    Hunterdon County NJ History & Girl Bikes

    Greetings !
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    NJ Hello

    Welcome Scoot ! You have found the right place. Suggest having a look in Second Life Bikes, in Asbury Park for parts.