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  1. scotleycrue

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) SCAT PACK

    Well, it's finally done! This one keeps company with last year's "LongShot". My son has been riding the wheels off of this thing. And, it's only been done for 2-days now. We don't do it for the competition, we do it for the fun. And, that is a solid win!
  2. scotleycrue

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) Scat Pack

    Well, the "Little Dude" and I are giving it another "go". Last year's "Longshot 5" was an absolute hoot to build. We received a lot of great comments from members of this site and actually took 2nd place. The cherry on top was the article and cover it made on Kustomized Bicycles magazine...
  3. scotleycrue

    (CLASS 1) Huffy Longshot

    As mentioned on the MBBO thread, this started as an idea while shooting pool with my 6-year old son. That, and I'd told him a couple of years ago that when he was finally able to ride a bike without training wheels that we'd build him a banana seat bike. I'd had a small collection of bikes...
  4. scotleycrue

    (MBBO#04 Class 1) Huffy "LongShot"

    Well, my 6-year old decided he wanted a cool-mack-daddy banana seat bike like his Daddy's. So, we grabbed a bunch of spare parts out of the stash. Here we go......