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  1. horsefarmer

    24" Specialized Hotrock

    Picked this up at a Police auction 2 years ago. I assume it was recovered theft. Tires were bald and entire bike painted flat black. All I did was give it a bath with oven cleaner and throw much better used tires on it. I'm gonna redo it for my grandson, it's ride able now but very ugly...
  2. horsefarmer

    Huffy baby blue BMX.

    Another sad little girls Huffy seascout from the police auction... Let's throw some interesting bits at it. ;) As sad as it is, It's cool that both tires are wore out, at least this bike lasted a while and gave some kids good service. Non other than GuitarlCarl thought this frame properly...
  3. horsefarmer

    Oddball smaller size one piece crank.

    Pulling apart a China kids Huffy. Found this crazy small OPC. Shown with full size crank for reference. Uses a standard chainwheel and 1/2" pedals.
  4. horsefarmer

    Specialized Crossroads 24 speed

    I believe it's about a 2003 model.
  5. horsefarmer

    BMX Bratz bike - Done!

    Continued from We have had a string of nice days here with temps in the 70's so thought I'd throw some paint on it. Fork came from a Huffy, just had to cut an inch off the threads to fit the frame. BTW, aren't those goofy...
  6. horsefarmer

    Pinwheels by Murray - Done!

    Believe this is a 1970's model. I threw wheels from an old Ross bike I thought looked pretty cool on it. Rear rim has nasty dimple (got most of it out), and tires were rotted away as bike set outside for years before I got it.
  7. horsefarmer

    Sun metal products, inc. steel wheel K-Mart.

    Digging through and cleaning up a pile of 20" wheels. This Sun metal products, inc. steel wheel was on the front of a Columbia Powder Puff Racer bike. I pulled of the rim strip and there was an old K-Mart price tag! Only rim I have ever seen with a legal warning stamped into it.
  8. horsefarmer

    ('90s GT Arette) gearing a road bike

    Inherited this '90s GT Arette road or hybrid bike. I modified it toalow me to sit more upright. Took it on one of our 12 mile loops around here and I ran it pretty much the whole way in top gear. This felt odd to me...
  9. horsefarmer

    Columbia Powder Puff Racer. Done!

    OK this has been sitting around in the barn since I drug it home 4 years ago... I robbed some parts and left the rest... Because of the fenders, it looks BMX to me. Of course the bananna seat says Muscle bike. Maybe the best course of action would be to pull the fenders for a BMX build...
  10. horsefarmer

    How to remove a stuck plastic pedal...

    After fooling with removing a cheapo plastic pedal off and on for a couple of days (and being out of my favorite pb blaster). I was able to make a trip to the local tractor supply and get new supplies. Last cans pb blaster I bought there did not come with straws to deliver the oil to where...
  11. horsefarmer

    Bratz bike

    The 2008 Bratz Diamond 20 inch bicycle is packed with style! We start with a beautifully designed steel frame for durability and strength, color matched rims and handle bar mounted pack! Front and rear fenders and an adjustable height saddle round out this stylish package. Kick stand included...
  12. horsefarmer

    Show us your inexpensive (but comfortable) bike seats.

    Probably a controversial topic. :) I understand everyone has their preferences, and physical differences. I searched Amazon for seats yesterday, looking to make a minimum order. Also while there are many seats in my stash they don't have what I'm looking for currently (comfortable seat for my...
  13. horsefarmer

    1988 Panasonic sport LX

    This is a continuance of: Found via FB marketplace for $20. Crazy like new condition as shown, just needed seat and seat post.
  14. horsefarmer

    The perfect scam....

    I have been seeing this ad on C/L in my state. It has been on there, off and on for over a year. I'm not local to Millwaukee, but I'm sure the poster has had many benefactors give them forks and bikes.
  15. horsefarmer

    Show us your couples bike pairs.

    One of the really cool things about you spouse or significant other being interested in recreational cycling is having pairs of bikes that while are not identical (or even the same make) have specs or performance that makes them a good match. Nice weather the last few days, has seen my wife and...
  16. horsefarmer

    Forum fun fact: How to sort posts in alphabetical order.

    You can click on the blue "Filters" link to sort posts in alphabetical order: Clicking on "Filters" button allows you to change the order you view threads.
  17. horsefarmer

    All Downhill

    Complete. Took around the block. Its the street bike that looks like a downhill bike! Build thread: Highlights: As found, A wrecked 24" kids Wallymart Schwinn Ranger frame. I would like to thank @Karate Chicken Industries...
  18. horsefarmer


    CLASS 1 VOTING - POLL IS UNDER PICTURES. (Don't forget to go to the separate CLASS 2 VOTING Page) Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun this year!!! You've got 7 days to cast your votes, and you can choose as many or as few bikes as you want to, but ALL your voting must be done in one...
  19. horsefarmer

    Fuji Odessa Mountain bike

    Another old Mtn. bike from the police auction, picked up 3 years ago. It's been usable since I got it and replaced the wheels with some nice true (but heavy) steel wheels and tires from an old Huffy 10 speed. Yesterday, I found a set of FEMCO alloy rims from an old 10 speed. They are in nice...
  20. horsefarmer

    90's GT Arette hybrid

    This was purchased by my late brother as a project about 2 years ago. The cockpit was not my cup of tea as I have to sit upright. So I'm experimenting with different seat and bar combos.