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  1. Phaneufaluffagis

    Please Help

    Hello to all out there in the Bike World! It is a week into summer holidays, the kids are out of school and riding their bikes... except for a couple kids that lost their new bikes that they had gotten for passing their grades to a horrific fire last night that tore through 12 housing units in 3...
  2. Phaneufaluffagis

    Bike Club in Newfoundland

    Hey Riders, I'm looking to start or join a bike club in St. John's Newfoundland if there are any other riders in the area.
  3. Phaneufaluffagis

    Custom wheels

    So... I'm starting my first build. I'm building a stretch crusier with triple tree forks and 26" wheels. The thing is that l'm not interested in regular plain old spoke wheels. I'm looking for something more eye catching like something you would see on a custom motorcycle. So, I'm just wondering...