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  1. Randall

    Dyno Coaster find

    Picked up a Dyno Coaster the other day. I was hoping it was when I went to see it and it turns out that it is a Coaster. It's missing some decals.
  2. Randall

    Bike ID

    Can anyone ID this bike? The guy that has it says it's a Schwinn. it does have a serial number under the bottom bracket that matches a Schwinn but it just doesn't look right.
  3. Randall

    Kustom Kruiser #5

    Picked up a Kustom Kruiser #5 bike yesterday. The guy was moving an just trying to get rid of stuff. The guy also just gave me an old Schwinn. I think it is supposed to be a Ford Cobra tribute.
  4. Randall

    Prewar straight bar ?

    I just picked up a frame at the Long beach swapmeet. The holes for a headbadge are side to side. Any information about the make or year would be appreciated. Thanks Randall.
  5. Randall

    SOLD Worksman Newsboy

    Reduced. Worksman Newsboy for sale. For local pick up in the So Cal area. (Disneyland) Complete bike minus the chain guard and grips. $130 OBO.
  6. Randall


    Picked up a Mooneyes today from a coworker. It's a little rough but I think it can be saved. I always wanted one of these bikes and with only 1000 made and the price was right. I had to buy it.
  7. Randall

    Worksman find.

    Looks like I scored my first Worksman. I wasn't sure what it was when I went after it. But I knew it was cool and worth more than I was going to pay for it. This thing is Heavy Duty !!
  8. Randall

    GT Bicycles signs

    I'm not sure if this find is supposed to be posted here but I just found a couple of GT Bicycles signs for my garage. They both came out of a bike shop in Whittier Ca. The guy said they have been in the shop since the 80s.
  9. Randall

    Bike ID Help

    I found this bike locally. Not sure of the make . Posible pre war. It is a skip tooth. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Randall.
  10. Randall

    Firestone Pilot custom

    Firestone Pilot that I picked up and put back together. I'm not really sure of the year but I like the rear facing drop outs and adjustment screws. I also have the original chain guard.
  11. Randall

    Bike ID Help

    I'm trying to identify this bike frame. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Randall

    Pre war bike I'd help.

    I am trying to figure out what brand and year this bike is ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Randall

    Foose cruiser

    Picked this up today. From the few things I can find on the internet this is supposed to be 1 of 500. I hope that's correct.
  14. Randall

    Foose cruiser

    I'm looking at a foose beach cruiser. It has flames on the tank and chain guard and triple tree forks. Any info on the bike and value would be appreciated. I posted a picture that looks like the bike im looking at. Thanks.
  15. Randall

    GT Dyno Enduro 4

    New find and project. Offer up $40.
  16. Randall

    Nirve Fifty one

    Hello all. New guy here. I Recently bought this bike and can't seem to find any information about it. I contacted Nirve and they don't have any info on it or when it was made also. Has anyone ever seen one ? Thanks in advance. Randall
  17. Randall

    Hello new guy here from so cal.

    Hi all. Found your site searching for info on a few bikes I found. I see a lot of nice bike's and love the how it's section.