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  1. boybluela

    RatRod Riders So Cal Bicycle Club

    I havent seen or.met with you guys in a very long time.. Ill try and make it to the next ride
  2. boybluela

    Resurrecting a Phantom

    Hey there everyone.. as I mentioned on my Re introduction post, I dropped out of this Hobby a few years back. So with that said, I'd like to show you all what brought me back.. I happened to be browsing Craigslist and came across this. At first glance she didnt look like much but caught my...
  3. boybluela

    Re-Introduction from L.A.

    Thanks and thanks again!:grin:
  4. boybluela

    Re-Introduction from L.A.

    Hey fellas... it's been a while since I've been on here and out of the bike game. I sold my entire collection some years back and just recently got the itch once again. I'm from Los Angeles Ca and I have always been a Schwinn fan. About a month ago going through The "List" I found what looked to...
  5. boybluela

    It's only original once but why not brand new twice?!

    It's only original once but why not brand new twice?!
  6. boybluela

    Im Back with a 1952 Schwinn

    You know I had a chance to spend a little more time with it today, and I actually managed to get even more color out of it.. I do think it was an awesome score, thank you!
  7. boybluela

    Im Back with a 1952 Schwinn

    Thank you Sleepy, I'll try and be a little more active.. as you could probably see by the picture...that Pontiac has been taking up all my time :)
  8. boybluela

    Im Back with a 1952 Schwinn

    Thanks you, I had a little help from a
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    Im Back with a 1952 Schwinn

    Hello RRBers! Ive been MIA for a while due to but here I am and with a new addition. I went to our local cycle swap this Sunday and found this. It was a little rough at first but after spending some time on it yesterday and today, I got it cleaned up and adjusted to my liking :) hope...
  10. boybluela

    "The Cats Meow" 1949 Straight Bar *UPDATE 2* 08/02/12

    Hello RRB... I kinda fell asleep on this one... The cats meow was put on hold for other projects till last month when I found a super clean Delta Rocket Ray. If you remember this bike was primered only to get an Idea of what I wanted to do with it. Now Im still planning on doing a full...
  11. boybluela

    **Eastside Schwinns "My Garage" REVISITED 8/2/12**

    Re: **Eastside Schwinns "My Garage" REVISITED** Updated with New bikes and pics...Hope you like it :)
  12. boybluela

    Whittier Greenway Trail ride N Photo Opp!

    Thank You! :)
  13. boybluela

    Whittier Greenway Trail ride N Photo Opp!

    Hey Thanks for the earlier comment.. The springer on that bike is I believe a Pyramid brand, but it is a pretty generic style springer..
  14. boybluela

    Whittier Greenway Trail ride N Photo Opp!

    Hello RRB just wanted to share a few photos I took yesterday In the city of Whittier. Took my cruiser out for a ride with my cousin early in the morning and saw alot of Old buildings that were perfect for this...hope you like the pics!
  15. boybluela

    1946 Schwinn "Big Bar"

    lol..thanks ruddiger, they all fit in my
  16. boybluela

    1946 Schwinn "Big Bar"

    Thank you for the compliment ;)
  17. boybluela

    Morrow Hub "Slips or has too much play" HELP!!

    Hello fellas I just posted a few pics in the gallery of my 46 Schwinn, I love the bike problem is it has a Morrow rear and it slips. What I mean by thet is when Im pedaling it feels great but once I stop and coast then try and pedal again, the crank does a full turn before it engages again..and...
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    1946 Schwinn "Big Bar"

    Hello RRB, Its been a while since I've posted on I want to share the newest er "OLDEST" addition to my collection. I picked this one up last night and worked on it all morning..and here it is...a 1946 Schwinn Straight Bar... Im slowly working my way down to eventually owning a "Pre...
  19. boybluela

    "The Trolley Dodger" 1980 Schwinn 50's Clone..More Pics!!

    Thanks JWM, might be sooner than the 12th though, Ill be at the Coasters this for the pedals, I got them at Venice Cruisers, but I am replacing them with a pair of Persons Majestic repops :) Thanks Rat Rod, I'm really proud of this one :) Thank you Schwinnray69... I tried to...
  20. boybluela

    Schwinn Fiesta

    looks siiick Chimi!! bout time we see