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  1. Kreep

    N.O.S. post war Block pedals

    I have about a dozen N.O.S. Cycle Rite block pedals. All 1/2". Great condition with box. Pedals are 5" long overall with 4" blocks. They are snazzy pedals that I have sold a ton of and also have a few sets on my personal rides. I am asking 30.00$ a set shipping included! I will accept PayPal or...
  2. Kreep

    Gang Green

    I guess I'm in. This is always my busy/hot/wet time of year, so as usual-We will have to see if it get's done. My last build off was deemed not ratty enough ( ) ,so I suppose I have to make one that is. As mentioned I...
  3. Kreep

    Dad's old bike from circa 62'/64'

    My father recently passed and while putting together photos for the service, I found this one. Need some help I.D.'n my Dad's old bike he got for Christmas back in the early 60's (circa 61'ish-64'ish). I am pretty good at identifying bikes as I have been in this hobby for quite a while...
  4. Kreep

    1972 Factory Schwinn Derailleur Demonstrator! At last!

    Finally added this peice to my collection. Parts have been swaped but i can rebuild her to og. ! Super stoked! -Kreep-
  5. Kreep

    70's looptail-im stumped

    Just picked this up off a friend. No idea what it is. has some nice parts on it. Anyone I.D. the frame though?!? I HIGHLY doubt it's a Redline....but I have been wrong before o_O **I have more photos if someone thinks they might help them I.D. this!*** -Kreep-
  6. Kreep

    Finally!The workbench topper I have been looking for! N.D.

    Finally found one!!! New Departure work bench parts cabinet!! Still has the cardboard insert.Sadly no parts in it,but the guy said he has two 5 gallon buckets with all the stuff that was in it(he didn't want it to fall out). Came out of a hardware store in upstate new York. Bought this off of...
  7. Kreep

    Colson Evansaction springer

    Pulled a ladies Evans/Colson out of some soggy swamp. The only thing I wanted was this fork(the only thing salvageable).After 2 years...finally got it totally torn apart and unfrozen.It was an absolute nightmare to get everything off without damaging it. Going to resto this one. Here's a cool...
  8. Kreep

    Groundhog Gala-Orlando Fla.

    Sat. Feb 2nd. Orlando @ the harley dealership. anyone going??we will be heading out early Sat. morning. -Kreep-
  9. Kreep


    Been on the site since 06' and haven't entered a build-off until now.I tossed my hat into the ring and I am glad I did,Otherwise it would have turned into another project that sat around for far to long.I'm not the best at documenting a build but I tried my best.The entire build thread can be...
  10. Kreep

    Trussworthy-6/5 Done!

    Well against my better judgement I decided I needed to get in on this one.I have so much going on that I doubt I will finish,but I figure I wont know unless I try. I have been wanting to build this since I picked up this early 30's Austrian ladies bike about 10 years ago.The ladies bike with be...
  11. Kreep

    NOS Accessories galore!

    I had a very unexpected and well received visit from a nice ol' man today at the shop. I had bought a handfull of things from him at a antique fair a few months back. I gave him my number then and told him to call me if he could rustle up some more things for me. Low and behold...He walks in...
  12. Kreep

    Just a cool picture of a Huffman

    I took this photo of the pile of stuff I got from a fellow member to build.Its a 41' Huffman Airflight.I didn't do anything to the photo,no effects or even a fancy camera.Its just the way the carpet on my shop floor looked when the photo was taken with a flash.I just thought it was really neat...
  13. Kreep

    F/F-Harvard,JC higgins,Western flyer-HELP with I.D.

    Picked this Harvard & Western flyer up over the weekend.Im going to flip the W/F to someone since it's not really my type plus it's been repainted. As far as the Harvard,I heard that it could be a Columbia? It doesn't really look like any Columbia I have seen.maybe early Rollfast?It has the...
  14. Kreep

    57' Colson Admiral

    Bought this bike of fellow member "backpedaler" back in Nov.last year.The pedals were toast,the front hub was cracked,no seat,tank or headbadge(still missing the headbadge and tank! :wink: maybe someone can help me out with that)and backpedaler was kind enough to include a rear rack that had...
  15. Kreep

    Found some more stuff

    Went to a local antiques fair here in town. Found a few little things.A USA Lite flashlight with the original batteries that say"best used before 1945". I'm assuming the light is a bit older than 45',Should go perfect on a bike once I dig out some of my old flashlight holders.The guy also tossed...
  16. Kreep

    Find @ Billetproof: EA Streamline Horn

    Went out to Billetproof in Ocala Florida on St. Patty's day. had an absolute blast taking the Chevy out to the show. While wondering around the swap meet area I spotted this lonely EA Streamline Horn sitting surrounded by car parts and the like(didn't expect to see any bike stuff @ a vintage hot...
  17. Kreep

    Billetproof-Ocala,Fl. March 17

    Anybody in Fl. going to the Billetproof show @Big daddys place in Ocala on March 17th? A pretty big group of us are going up on friday and staying through sun. morning.Hoping to be able to bring a few bikes with us in the back of the Chevy.Let me know if anyone is heading out there. -kreep-
  18. Kreep

    Seat rebuilds.

    Didn't know where this would fit in.I had an old columbia seat laying around for about 10 years or so....though maybe it was time to refurbish it. The seat pan bolts had been stripped(both the threads and the heads that press into the pan). Replaced those with some stainless and used some brass...
  19. Kreep

    Skip tooth chain breaker

    Well I was tired of doing it the hard way. Luckily my good friend is a machinist and his shop happens to be next door. He wanted a frame/fork that I had and I needed a easier way. Works like an absolute dream! Now to start putting all of the small chain pieces together! -Kreep-
  20. Kreep

    Sturmey Archer 2 Spd. kickbacks.

    Just saw the new sturmey archer 2 spd "kickshift" coaster brake hubs.Looks like they come in black,silver and red, 36 and 32 hole.Just a heads up.Def. gona pick one up. -Kreep-