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    Custom Hand Built Cars

    Those are both really cool! Anyone remember the Lamborghini Countach that the guy handbuilt in his basement?
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    Long forks

    These are the longest I've done so far...
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    Yamaha QT 50 "Noped" project

    Re: More reliable "motorbike" for this Summer. Why does the QT50 remind me of Number 5, the robot from Short Circuit? :mrgreen: A steampunked out QT would be cool...just sayin'.
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    My wife's new ride- '66 Schwinn

    It's a '56 GMC panel. :D
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    huffy stalker needs a makeover

    Wheel discs look really cool, but if you're riding any real distance in the wind you'll change your mind in a hurry. You could change up the look by making a tankplate for it like I did on my Huffy. A color change, some whitewalls and you'd have a whole different bike. Maybe lower the front...
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    My wife's new ride- '66 Schwinn

    Yes she is a keeper...30 years now. QuickSand, it's done! Maybe down the road I'll give it a full resto, but for now I overhauled everything, put new rubber on it and it's a rider.
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    Rust Never Sleeps

    This was going to be my build off bike from last year, but I ran into some headaches trying to build the forks I wanted so I set it aside rather than do a hack job on them. A while back I was looking at the bare frame in my garage and I figured I would try something I had always wanted to play...
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    My wife's new ride- '66 Schwinn

    This one was easy- take it all apart, clean and regrease everything, throw some new tubes, tires and a chain on it and call it done. I got this for her because it was born the same year she was. I thought she would want me to strip it down and repaint it, but she said "I kinda like the old rusty...
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    Huffy mono-shock painted

    Wow, talk about a huge difference! That looks great.
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    Best Girlfriend Ever!!!

    Way cool! Hang on to her. :mrgreen:
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    20" directional tread tire

    Chips, Maxxis makes a bmx race tire called the DTH. They come in a bunch of different sizes in both wire bead and kevlar folding bead. They look like something off a sportbike, smooth like a slick with grooves cut in them. My kids run them on their race bikes and they look killer. The only...
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    1977 Stroker II

    Thanks Steve!
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    Goods BMX Portland Ore. Vintage hangers

    Cool. If you remember tell him Pete from Custom Cycle said heal up quick.
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    1977 Stroker II

    My latest restoration, a '77 Two Wheelers Stroker II. This is the bike I wanted when I was about 14. At the time I was racing a modified Schwinn Sting Ray and I wanted an orange Stroker soo bad. It took a few years...35 to be exact, but I finally have my orange Stroker. :mrgreen: Parts...
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    Goods BMX Portland Ore. Vintage hangers

    Nice collection. Is Shad healed up yet?
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    What's in a name....

    Cayenne Cruiser
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    What's in a name....

    Cajun Cruizer
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    2 times a loser, help me out!

    Poke fun at a member who messed up? Not here... :mrgreen: Yooth, I've got a 1" threadless stem for 1" bars with a removable face. It's yours if you want it.
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    Broke out the airbrush...

    ...for the first time in quite a few years. Every year my kid's school holds an auction to raise money for the graduation dance and upgrades to the school, and I got drafted to come up with something interesting to auction off. We took an adirondack chair and I airbrushed a beach scene on it...
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    Need ideas.wanna build something unique for my little girl..

    I would do the frameset and fenders red with cream/tan darts and pinstriping, and do the wheels in the cream with red pinstriping. The tires have a white pinstripe, you could paint white from that stripe down to the rim to give it a wide white look. The mini wagon idea is great, or you could...