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    "Pedal-to-the-Metal" (#8) SWAP MEET for the S.E. US in Georgia DEC 5th 2020 (near Atlanta)

    The 8th BI-ANNUAL "Pedal-to-the-Metal" Vintage, Classic, Custom Bike SWAP MEET is happening at the Atlanta Dragway Parking Lot on SAT DEC 5th 2020! ... Located in Commerce, GA ... about 50 miles N.E. of Atlanta. We regularly get about 35-40 Bike Vendors and a decent amount of spectators and...
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    4th QTR 2020 SouthEast U.S. Show/Swap meet schedule & Updates ( TN, GA ) Nov/Dec

    Hello RRB'ers! Time to plan ahead for the 4th Quarter 2020 ... here in the SouthEast U.S. ... and here is the Modified Schedule to look forward to: NOVEMBER 7th >>> Get-A-Grip Show/Swap Meet in Cleveland, TN (COVID-19 Rescheduled from March 28th) DECEMBER 5th >>> Pedal-To-The-Metal Swap Meet...
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    SOLD FELT CANVAS Frame Kit *Build-a-Kustom* NEW in Box (2 remaining) $140.00

    I have available (TWO REMAINING) of the FELT CANVAS Frame Kits (New in Box!) Please see the picture below for the Breakdown of everything it includes >>>> These were supposed to sell at $299 ... and some places still are getting $299 (Mine are $140.00 !!!) <><><><><><> ( ONE of the two has a...
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    Elgin TWIN BAR parts needed: Fork-Rack-Fenders-Twin Lights-Seat Mount

    Hello RRB'ers I have a TWIN Bar Elgin build that I am attempting to do on the YELLOW bike pictured here... I'm building this one as a Blue Model 40 which has the Twin Headlights and rear rack with Battery & Horn Pod. The fenders would need to be the Peaked style with "Over-the-fork-crown" for...
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    *** Hurricane Coaster's Show & Swap Meet FEB 1 2020 Charlotte, N.C. ***

    Announcing the biggest and best 5th annual Bicycle swap meet and show anywhere in North Carolina! Come out and join us for a great time at the Cabarrus Arena on February 1st, 2020. We have changed the classes for the bike show a bit, made the start time later and it is indoors with Bikes, Food...
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    "Pedal to the Metal" Swap meet in GA for the SE U.S. March 7 2020

    You are invited to the Bi-Annual Spring 2020 "Pedal to the Metal" Swap Meet based in Commerce, GA .... N.E. of Atlanta at the Atlanta Dragway HUGE Parking Grounds! .... This is our 7th Gathering .... We normally get 25 - 40 Vintage Bike Swap Meet Vendors and PLENTY of shoppers! This Event is...
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    UPDATED DATE ! GA-BASED "Pedal-to-the-Metal" Fall Swap NOW OCT 12th 2019

    Hello RRB'ers ! PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE !! The Bi-Annual Georgia-based "Pedal-to-the-Metal" Vintage Bike Swap Meet (at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA) is moving the FALL Date to the 2nd SATURDAY in October which falls on OCT. 12th for 2019. For the last 3 years the Bi-Annual Event for...
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    Georgia-Based "Pedal-to-the-Metal" Swap Meet moves FALL Event to OCT. 5th 2019

    Hello RRB'ers ! The Bi-Annual Georgia-based "Pedal-to-the-Metal" Vintage Bike Swap Meet (at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA) is moving the FALL Date to the 1st SATURDAY in October which falls on OCT. 5th for 2019. For the last 3 years the Bi-Annual Event for FALL was in November.... but the...
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    FOUND! Wanted: Columbia Tank Boys Late '40's like this

    Hello RRB'rs I'm looking for a Columbia 5 Star Boy's Tank (late '40's) similar design to the one pictured below. ANY condition considered.... If it is NOT the dark blue/green color already .... It will need to be repainted. SO it's probably better if the condition is "needs work". Thank you...
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    March 2nd 2019 S.E. (Georgia) MEGA SWAP 5th EDITION "Pedal to the Metal" at the Dragstrip

    Time to start making those Pre-Spring Swap-Meet plans! Please join us here in Commerce, Georgia for the 5th Edition of the "PEDAL-TO-THE-METAL" Swap Meet...... We are averaging about 40 Vintage Bike Vendors per Event.... and surrounded by 200+ Swap meet Vendors of Auto/Motorcycle/Truck Parts &...
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    3 back-to-back Swaps/shows coming up in the S.E. in FEB & MARCH 2019

    Happy Holidays RRB'ers! While you (hopefully) have a little time-off over the Holidays.... keep in mind 3 South Eastern US back-to-back SWAPS/Shows coming up on us, quickly, in 2019 ...... and it's time to start making your plans!! >>>>>> coming up in the S.E. (N.C. - GA - TN) starting FEB 2nd...
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    ZOMBIKES >> Opelika, AL (Auburn area) OCT. 6th 2018 Show & Swap Meet

    Hello RRB'rs! This is an Event that I'm helping to promote! (Inaugural event)..... SWAP hours: 8am-3pm (Outside Event) SHOW (Custom-"Rat") Hours: Noon-3pm Live Music: 11am-2pm SWAP meet Tables: $5.00 SWAP Larger Spaces: $15.00 with Advance RSVP SHOW Bike Entries: FREE Beer Available at the HOST...
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    NOV. 3rd 2018 S.E. (Georgia) MEGA SWAP 4th EDITION "Pedal to the Metal" at the Dragstrip

    Hello RRB'ers! Coming back for the 4th Edition is the S.E. US Mega Swap in Commerce, GA at the Atlanta Dragway !! This has been drawing about 40 Vintage Bike Vendors for the last 3 Events*!! (*2 in '17 and one back in March '18) The attached Flyer isn't Fancy but it does explain all of the...
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    WANTED: Roadmaster Rear Rack Late '50's AMF Luxury Liner

    Hello RRB'rs ! ...... help me please ...... Can I ask for some help to locate and purchase this Rear Rack shown in pics below ..... (pics I got from the www) ?? It is a late '50s Roadmaster by AMF Luxury Liner. I need one please, to go with the Tank that I already have. Please, let me know...
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    WANTED: Western Flyer TANK for 24" early '50's

    Hello RRB'rs ! Please help me complete this 24" Western Flyer Cream Puff !! Need a TANK to fit this ........ HORN or NO horn....... any color / condition flexible ......... Please reply here or PM me......... Thank you! CCR Dave
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    SouthEast (GA-based) Swap Meet set! MARCH 3rd *New Name*

    Hello RRB'rs!! >>> The DATE is set -- Saturday MARCH 3rd -- NEW NAME ! This is our 3rd Event here at the DragWay!! --- Now In our 2nd Year-- Time for a New Name (fitting for a Dragstrip Location) >>>>>>>> "PEDAL to the METAL" :D:cool: Same March weekend as Last Year when we had our inaugural...
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    WANTED: ROADMASTER TANK (to match this frame's color combination)

    Hello RRB'ers ! Im trying to find a Roadmaster TANK to match the pics of this frame below >>>> Let me know whatca have! Thanks! CCR Dave
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    Anniston, AL Vintage bike swap meet SAT. Dec. 3rd ??

    This is not a swap meet that I'm involved in OR have any history with ...... but I'm considering the trip. Just curious if there is anybody going from the RRB crowd ?? Got a Flyer handed to me at Tyler's Power Springs Swap meet. The flyer says its at 33 West 10th St. Anniston, ALA on Dec...
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    Union, SC Vintage Bikes & Traditional Hot Rods SAT. May 14th Show / Swap meet

    Excuse my last minute alert, but there is a Vintage Bike & Hot Rod show & swap meet this SAT the 14th in Union, SC You can check it out at Heading up there from Atlanta and I know a few other GA Vintage Bike guys are heading there too. My first time going .... but I've...