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  1. Denver Razorback


    I'm in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. What about yourself? - John
  2. Denver Razorback

    My Elgin Motor-Bike.

    Glad to see that you're riding the bike that I sold you. If I remember correctly, it's a mid 1930s. - John
  3. Denver Razorback

    Ides of March

    My buddy Scott, Tailhole, has been encouraging me to join the build off. It sounds like a lot of fun so I'm signing up with my 1955 Schwinn Flying Star. The bike has some great patina and a Bendix Multi-Speed, which is a two speed...not a kickback. Plus, I recently learned that we share the...
  4. Denver Razorback

    How to preserve that slightly rusted weathered look?

    I've been using Boiled Linseed Oil, which can be purchased for about $10 at Home Depot. Here is a picture of a bike where the frame, fork and rear rack received one coat. Thanks, John
  5. Denver Razorback

    Double Huffin'

    Cool find. Here is a photo of a Western Flyer tandem we had last year, which appears to be a pretty similar frame. I personally believe the WF frame had a few design flaws, creating a very unbalanced ride. Hopefully you have a much better bike and experience. We ultimately sold the WF...
  6. Denver Razorback

    4th Annual Midwest Bicycle Swapmeet 4/21/13

    If all goes well, I'm planning to bring a pretty large group out from Denver. We keep hearing a lot of great things about this swap! Thanks, John
  7. Denver Razorback

    Truckload of Bikes

    Thanks, Gary. I appreciate the info. - John
  8. Denver Razorback

    Truckload of Bikes

    We circled back to pick up one more bike. It appears to be a 1940s Elgin. What do you guys think? I looked at the catalog ads. With the exception of the sprocket and handle bars, it looks like some type of deluxe model. All feedback is appreciated :)
  9. Denver Razorback

    Truckload of Bikes

    That's awesome. Thanks!
  10. Denver Razorback

    Added 3

    Really like the Napolean!
  11. Denver Razorback

    Truckload of Bikes

    These are not "fresh finds" but we picked them up during January. After 3 days, about 1,200 miles and looking at 500+ bikes, we brought back 10 of them. My friend Blu, the guy on the left, acquired a Schwinn Cadillac, Hawthorne from the 20s and a Schwinn DX. My favorite prize was the green...
  12. Denver Razorback

    "The Schwinn-Wig" "The End"

    Really like the bike! I'm curious, what brand/type of Clear are you using?
  13. Denver Razorback

    Hello from Denver

    My name is John, and I live in Denver, Colorado. I really enjoy riding and working on older bikes. At this point, I have about 10 bikes that include a 1950s Schwinn Town and Country Tandem, some light and middle weights, and some fairly new mountain and road bikes. Plus, I picked up an old...