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  1. Joe Monstermaker

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...
  2. Joe Monstermaker

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Any ad that mentions “barn find” can be translated to the English “I’m trying to flip this junk at a big profit like I see on American Pickers”
  3. Joe Monstermaker

    My Yamaha Moto-Bike returns.

    Yep I can weld and it’s steel... but the bike is worth too much money to chop. I really should list the thing and sell it, I’m not that attached to it. A friend had one when it was new and I always wanted one, I got this one in the ‘90s when they were hard to find (especially because we didn’t...
  4. Joe Monstermaker

    My Yamaha Moto-Bike returns.

    I’ve got one, a ‘76. Parts are still around on eBay now and then but tend to be pricey. The only part I’m missing and the hardest to find is the chain guard... because, of course, we all trashed those the day we got these things. They turn up, but I’m unwilling to spend the money they go for...
  5. Joe Monstermaker

    Dyno Bike pics

    I’ve posted my Dyno before but it’s been several years. I’m wanting to do something, maybe a set of Boa-G tires. What color? I’m thinking brown because I have brown grips and seat. It’s got nice original black cherry paint that I wish I could get over the idea of preserving, because I have a...
  6. Joe Monstermaker

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    And he is in Hawaii... everything rusts there. I get it that things are expensive there, but the 1961 part is hilarious.
  7. Joe Monstermaker

    Niagara Cycle

    RATS!!! They were the go-to parts source for me!!! They should have raised prices to stay afloat, I’d have paid more, it wasn’t the absolute bottom dollar bargain I was after, it was the selection and availability of just about everything that I liked. Rats.
  8. Joe Monstermaker

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    I messsged that one and told him that was like saying he had a 1961 iPhone for sale!
  9. Joe Monstermaker

    Haulers, what do you haul your bike in?

    I’m surprised it isn’t right-hand-drive. It’s an English Ford. You can tell by the crooked teeth.
  10. Joe Monstermaker


    I’ve got a Dyno Roadster, and my suggestion is to do what I did and put a 5-speed hub on it. Like others have said, hills are an issue and you will really want gears. I do think a backrest would be a good thing, if I can figure one out that doesn’t look wrong.
  11. Joe Monstermaker

    1986 Schwinn predator Free Form z

    Lol it’s a good thing you’re not set on $800!!!! Been watching “American Pickers” a little too much?
  12. Joe Monstermaker

    Haulers, what do you haul your bike in?

    Ok that’s even nicer... :) Love the stock but later-model wheels.
  13. Joe Monstermaker

    Haulers, what do you haul your bike in?

    That’s an excellent little truck!!!! I have driven many different Rangers. The decked-out 4x4 auto trans models are nice but the lightweight 2WD manual trans ones drive so much better! And clean, low-mile older stuff is infinitely easier to work on. Modern models are computerized nightmares...
  14. Joe Monstermaker


    I never depended on Photobucket to keep the only copies of my photos, thankfully. They could charge some money but not $400!! I'd sooner pay less for my own URL. Bye bye Photobucket! What I should do is post a bunch of raunchy porn on my Photobucket account until they shut it down. That's what...
  15. Joe Monstermaker

    jackshaft from coaster hub?

    Yep, they exist. I bought a 5-speed coaster brake trike hub for my trike from niagra cycle (dot com).
  16. Joe Monstermaker

    Western Scraper

    If altering the lines of the bars to better clear your feet on the pedals is "out" (I understand that, cool is cool) do you think something weird and crazy like a wider pedal stance would get you feet to clear them?
  17. Joe Monstermaker

    Olympia WA?

    I love riding the Burke Gilman on my super low stretch Dyno. For the rest of you, the Burke Gilman is a paved bike path running through Seattle where a railroad track once was. It's populated with walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and roadie-bikers. A rat or hotrod-custom type bike stands out...
  18. Joe Monstermaker

    Olympia WA?

    Wow maybe there are a few of us who don't ride tall skinny bikes wearing spandex.
  19. Joe Monstermaker

    Murray Eliminator, my childhood bike Finished on Christmas day

    I had the Huffy Monoshock back in the '70s too. I didn't like it then, partly because it was heavy and ugly but mostly because it would always flip me over the handlebars when I jumped it. The rear suspension would compress when I hit the ramp and rebound on the way off it, putting the bike into...
  20. Joe Monstermaker

    Haulers, what do you haul your bike in?

    Ranchero! That's a perfect bike hauler!