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  1. Onewheelsqueel

    24" Donald Duck bike for sale

    For sale, may consider cool trades (into cool middle weight and earlier bikes, not into girls bikes hence the sale) $300 shipped Located in Plainfield IL 60586
  2. Onewheelsqueel

    Murray/Higgins tank, Beehive springer, 24x3 Kenda tires for sale

    All sales cash in person or PayPal with fees covered by you. Early Higgins behive springer. $115 shipped. ------------- Traded- Early Higgins (Murray built) tank. Very straight, brush painted with a cool flag sticker on each side. ----------- Kenda 24x3 used tires see pics for condition...
  3. Onewheelsqueel

    Chicago Tail Draggers Raffle bike winner!

    Congratulations German Monarrez on winning the Chicago Tail Draggers 2017 raffle bike! Thanks to the people that donated parts, to the labor involved to get it to where it is, to everyone that took a chance on buying a ticket or 45 of them. You know who you are and we couldn't do this without...
  4. Onewheelsqueel

    Columbia day yesterday. 1924 and 1983

    Well first one is a boomerang bike actually. I sold it and it came back to me. Super excited to have it back, sold it to fund other builds, but missed it. Custom 1924 Columbia Jr Roadster 28" built by me...
  5. Onewheelsqueel

    Evin's Evans. 24" Evin's 400

    Picked this up this morning. Went after it not realizing it was a 24", but couldn't let it go it was to kool to. Besides my 11 yr old son Evin is the perfect size now. URL=][/URL]...
  6. Onewheelsqueel

    Now most of a radiobike

    Just got this, this morning. URL=][/URL] Waiting to hear back as to if he can locate the rack and tank. He's going back this weekend to look for them. Not sure what the plan is...
  7. Onewheelsqueel

    Anyone know what bulb to get for the Delta sealed beams?

    Like this. URL=][/URL] Even cooler would be if there was a conversion housing to put a LED bulb in Thanks for your help.
  8. Onewheelsqueel

    Several recent scores.

    I haven't been on here much lately other than our raffle bike updates. Life's been crazy to say the least. But I'm still bike'n. Here's a few recent scores from the last few weeks/months. Not all rats but def cool or different. Monark built JC Higgins...
  9. Onewheelsqueel

    Chicago Tail Draggers JDRF raffle bike build

    ****Final update, we have a winner!**** Congratulations German Monarrez on winning the Chicago Tail Draggers 2017 raffle bike! Thanks to the people that donated parts, to the labor involved to get it to where it is, to everyone that took a chance on buying a ticket or 45 of them. You know...
  10. Onewheelsqueel

    Chicago Tail Draggers almost Annual bike show Aug 27th

    Saturday August 27th 12-4pm. Heritage bikes and General store 2959 N. Lincoln ave Chicago. With a ride to get food after and a cruise after dinner. Facebook event page -
  11. Onewheelsqueel

    I've been trying not to buy bikes. 1948 Firestone Cruiser

    Well I've been trying not to buy bikes and save for my van, need to get clutch parts. But couldn't pass on this last Saturday Above pics are in front of the original owners house he grew up in. Still have to go through it but I've ridden it a few times already. Put some used white...
  12. Onewheelsqueel

    Chicago Tail Draggers and Heritage bikes second show. Aug 23rd 2015

    Well before I forget to post this here again, here it is. Hope to see ya there.
  13. Onewheelsqueel

    Silver king weekend.

    Picked this up Friday off CL. Within a hour of it getting hem it was under the nife. Puttin a correct fork on it And some VO bars that look closer to stock. Picked up some nos no name older white walls (24x2.125). And a alum chainguard from Pookie today. Thanks again...
  14. Onewheelsqueel

    Indiana beach Bike and VW show June 19/20 AKA Bikes by the Bugs

    First time trying this so come out and support us in having a bike and VW show all in one, for free!!!! Show and shine with the VWs in Monticello town square Friday night. Camping available. More than 400 VWs expected. Flyer for the VW show going on, on the same grounds.
  15. Onewheelsqueel

    Son of Satan WWII bomber tribute build.

    Please keep in mind the theme when you look at the pics to come as everything is there for a reason and not a negative one. That's my disclaimer. Picked up this '02 Trek Rail CNC. I can't ever leave anything alone so full redo it is. The only things left would be the frame...
  16. Onewheelsqueel

    The Blues King. SK build.

    I sold my Hot Rod King Silver King last winter to pookie42. I got a SK frame as a partial trade in the deal and bought a girls SK as well. Traded those off and didn't even think much of it. Then I got the urge to have the Hot Rod King back. And understandably Pookie didn't want to sell it...
  17. Onewheelsqueel

    Site sponsor issues. Taken care of now very well by the owner.

    So I had been looking for a wide 26" igh wheel set. Ordered a black set from 3G and they gladly took my money. Only to inform me the next day they were out of stock. They quickly refunded my $ and I probably wouldn't have thought to much of it even though I think it's poor buisness practice to...
  18. Onewheelsqueel

    Going to Denver today to Sunday who's out there and wants to ride

    Going to Lakewood/Littleton Co later today. Till Sunday. Got training thurs and fri 9-5. But lookin if anyone out there wants to ride? I'd need a bike but for this place that's not usually a prob I know. Staying at the Lakewood holiday inn. Goin hiking with a HS friend sat but nothing else...
  19. Onewheelsqueel

    SK #4

    Wanted one to go along with my Trek Rail. 4th Silver king I've had in my possession ( one was a girls) best being The Hot Rod King which Pookie42 has now and I get to see it regularly at rides and shows. This is gonna be a rat build once I'm done with my Rail build in a build off on another...
  20. Onewheelsqueel

    Shortening cables with molded double ends?

    Eyeing another Dana 3spd. But it will go on a 20" build. Any ideas on shortening cables with molded ends at each end?