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  1. g-ratter


    just noticed on the "members on line now" window robots are listed. What is meant by this?
  2. g-ratter

    Listen to the bike grasshopper.

    For those who have been following my Bike Flip thread you know I have been having all sorts of problems with the paint on it. And I think I have figured out the problem. I have not been listening to what the bike is trying to tell me. The original concept was to create a bike that felt like an...
  3. g-ratter

    building jig

    I am sure there are other posts on this topic but I thought to share it anyway. I wanted to try and create a jig to help keep everything straight when I am building frames. I know some of the the master "build from scratch" guys advocate using same size tubing and building on a flat surface but...
  4. g-ratter

    flea market find

    Found this at a road side flea market. Contemplated buying it for parts but ended up passing. Did pick up a set of ape bars for $5.
  5. g-ratter

    Misc. finds

    I have been passing this building for a few years now on my way up to my mountain cottage. Always wondered about it. Sorry about the bad iphone pics.
  6. g-ratter

    Unusual bike

    Found this hanging at an italian market in St. Petersburg fl.
  7. g-ratter

    Classic Rat renamed TRAVELLER

    Can not believe I actually was able to finish on time. I un-decide on which photo I like. One has a nice quirkiness to it and the other a more graphic angle and a node to were I live. You guys can decide.
  8. g-ratter

    LED conversion

    I had asked a question on posting a PDF file on a head light LED conversion I found on the we. Was asked to post it so am trying this method. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Enjoy
  9. g-ratter

    is it possible

    While going some research on wiring fro my head light I ran across a good article on converting one to LED. Is it possible to attach a PDF file in the "How to" section or best just to put a link?
  10. g-ratter

    Unusual request

    Hay fellow members, I see from the forum stats there are thousands of members on here so if I even get a fraction of that number that would be great. My town is running a competition to select an artist to put there artwork up on billboards this coming year. It would be some great exposure for...
  11. g-ratter

    Secrets of the Masters

    For all the old crusty bike builders who have been doing it for years I am wondering if you would share some of your secrets. Example: "I always put a little grease on my pedal threads to make it easier to remove them"
  12. g-ratter


    Love the video posts people are starting to do. Especially Lukes time lapse! Two suggestions to keep in mind: 1-TV, Movies, etc are all shot horizontally. Fills the screen better. 2- stabilize the camera either on a tripod or some surface. All that jiggling around makes it hard to see and it is...
  13. g-ratter

    Classic Rat

    I think I am going to try my 1st BO if I can use this frame. It has some pitting on the bottom of the stay I am worried might have weakened it. It feels solid but wondering what might happen when a 200 lb. person is riding it. Need opinions. Could I just hit it with a welder to fill in? Do...
  14. g-ratter

    kick stand

    I have this kick stand I want to use. Very rusty but have manage to soak it in some liquid wrench and it moves now but has a gritty sound when it does. Do you think I can soak it in some Naval Jelly to get the inside cleaned up better then try and get some grease in there? Is there a better...
  15. g-ratter

    Never seen before

    This may be a pretty common thing but I have never seen it before. I was parting out some trash picked bikes when I came across this Looks like a skip tooth mixed with a regular chain ring. Is this common and I just never noticed before?
  16. g-ratter

    another paint question

    I have not done a lot of painting where I had to mask off areas while laying down other colors. What kind of timing do I need before removing the masking tape? As soon as the paint is dry enough to handle the piece, let completely dry, asap???
  17. g-ratter

    Paint questions

    I was wondering if any one else has ever had wrinkling problems with this primer. I have never used it before so not sure what is going on. I am suspecting it is just because the temps have been a little cooler then normal. Let it dry a good 24 hours and more on some of my parts and using a...
  18. g-ratter

    Cool electric

    Not sure if any one has ever posted about these before. Pretty cool electrics.
  19. g-ratter

    parts cleaning

    I saw some one had a post on best bike cleaner recently. I never thought I would have a preference but I accidentally left this kick stand soaking in a batch of straight Simply Green for a few days. It did a great job cleaning it up. Only had to take a tooth brush to a couple of crevices. The...
  20. g-ratter

    stress fracture

    Working on prep work for the paint job on the truss bike when I noticed these marks on the stem. Wondering if they are stress fractures? When I took a wire wheel to it they seemed disappear. Any thoughts? Should be worried?