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  1. g-ratter

    Secrets of the Masters

    Thanks for the wrap info. My bike flip project is about ready for the handlebar wrap.
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    Thanks for the info Luke.
  3. g-ratter


    just noticed on the "members on line now" window robots are listed. What is meant by this?
  4. g-ratter

    Cheap or free 1 1/8 threaded stem to threadless stem conversion.

    Needs to go in "Secrete of the Masters" thread. :113:
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    Have not seen the parts in person but if they are anything like the beautiful mold he made they look like they are going to be high quality. Going to have to figure out a build for it I think. Price?
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    It is the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
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    Top one looks great.
  8. g-ratter

    Re-chroming Bike Wheels

    Thanks for that info. Never knew.
  9. g-ratter

    Re-chroming Bike Wheels

    Education please. Knurling?
  10. g-ratter

    20,000 members!

    I just want to see more bikes. :thumbsup:
  11. g-ratter

    How many bikes do you own?

    2 that are rideable 4 in the process of being built 2 dozen in the rafters And 100 ideas for new ones.
  12. g-ratter

    g-ratter's first try-Renamed REVIVAL

    So I can never seems to completely finish a bike before moving on to another. While reworking the paint on Bike Flip I came up with an seat idea for this bike that has been up in the rafters for what I can not believe is 15 years now. If you read the thread it was the first one I started when I...
  13. g-ratter

    LED conversion

    Not my technique. Just something I found on line that had a nice step by step explanation for those of us who do not know a lot about the electronics. I think most members on here are not looking to build future antiques. They are just looking to have some fun on the cheap and if it eventually...
  14. g-ratter

    Making bicycle grips molding/casting?

    Not sure if this will help you. I did some work for a place that was making parts using a two part very thick material and a rubber mold. To help with the air bubbles we mounted one of those vibrating hand sanders to a board and placed the mould on it. While very slowly pouring the vibration...
  15. g-ratter

    (CLASS 1) Huffy Longshot

    That thing could have come right out of my childhood. Great job.
  16. g-ratter

    Listen to the bike grasshopper.

    For those who have been following my Bike Flip thread you know I have been having all sorts of problems with the paint on it. And I think I have figured out the problem. I have not been listening to what the bike is trying to tell me. The original concept was to create a bike that felt like an...
  17. g-ratter

    bike flip

    Really hating Rustoleum now. Did I say how much I hate it? Decided to add a bracket for a reflector. Sprayed it yesterday around 2pm and as of this morning at 11 am it is still tacky. I even brought it inside my air conditioned house (78 degrees) overnight to dry. On top of that my scratch...
  18. g-ratter

    Secrets of the Masters

    And all you need to do is find one. Ran across a public phone in a Savannah Ga park. Not sure if it worked did not have a quarter.
  19. g-ratter

    bike flip

    Finally getting to put this thing back together. Had a terrible time painting the fenders with paint not sticking then tried to pinstripe and that was a failer so keeping it simple. Still need to put the rear fender on and wrap the handlebars with some faux leather wrap. And even though I have...