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  1. cman


    Send them to me....we have a very low humidity year around.
  2. cman

    28 inch tire size question

    Sheldon Brown has the answer. So you could try the modern tubular or.... There are some tires that were reproduced by Coker that were a tubular tire. They are no longer made and cost a pretty penny...
  3. cman

    S SEAT

    Those seats make great mudflaps. ;);)
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    Now you have 2 rare Worksmans? Fresh find observations over the years by state. TX- Minty vintage BMX, rare Worksman IA- Cheaper by the trailer KS- Rear steer Colson tandems MA- Spaceliners
  5. cman

    Klunker 2.0 - RRBO Revisited (Are you really ever done?)

    The Billet seatpost guts....was that threadless stem? or something you fabbed? It is awesome.
  6. cman

    Real or Fake Brooks Saddle

    Brooks had some plastic saddles back in the late 70's -early 80's that were used on a variety of bikes.
  7. cman

    KHS Special Touring- Commuter

    The fork is not bent...must be the picture. I filed the brake slot lower plus some other tricks and it didn't work. I will start looking for some Shimano XT cantilevers as they have been known to work. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  8. cman

    KHS Special Touring- Commuter

    Since the Talisman frame cracked, I am in need of new commuter. I rode the last bike 250+ days/year for the last nine years as my commuter and around town bike. I found this bike down at the local bike coop at an "as is" price. I should be able to sell a few of the parts to cover the cost...
  9. cman

    Talisman - Cracked frame

    The frame/fork was handbuilt by a little known builder in Seattle and has been my daily commuter for 9 years. It probably wont' be worth it after welding and repaint or powder coat when I should be able to find a frame/fork for less than $200.
  10. cman

    Talisman - Cracked frame

    @LukeTheJoker I dont' have the room to sleeve due to tire and chainring clearance. This frame will probably become a wall hanger. Just need to find an old cyclocross or touring frame, so I can transfer my parts.
  11. cman

    Talisman - Cracked frame

    This bike may finally be done. I found cracks on both chainstays, though it still rides fine. Looking for a new frame, then might try having this frame welded.
  12. cman

    ‘84 Mongoose ATB

    Nice bike. I have an 85 without the cool bi-plane fork. I need to rebuild the wheels as the spokes are rusted. Where did you find that shiny mylar tape? I need some blue.
  13. cman

    Front brake suggestions please

    A drum brake might be your only option.
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    You have obviously forgotten about using the Fresh Finds Code.
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    GT Dyno Enduro 4

    1996/97 look up GT Dyno Moto 7, similar bike but often brings up the Enduro too. Both @Rat Rod and I had Moto 7's.
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    Odd chainguard. Not a classic Schwinn guard. Did Mike ride Schwinn in Stranger Things?
  17. cman

    1955 Schwinn Typhoon Value?

    You are correct about 1976. Price depends on location and supply. In Idaho that would we worth $120-200. In Iowa, less than $100.
  18. cman

    Tequila sunrise (kustom ruff hornet)

    That fork is awesome how if flows into the handle bars!
  19. cman

    First bikeride in years.

    Nice to see you around. Hopefully you still have that Panther. Seeing your signature line made me smile.
  20. cman

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Not a bike but I am learning about wrenching on something new. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk