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  1. RustySprockets

    1937 LaSalle

    ♫ Gee, our old LaSalle ran great! ♫
  2. RustySprockets


    That's how I do it. Switches, lights, bells, etc...they don't need firmly affixed like a stem or brake lever. The rubber insulator keeps the squeaks and rattles low, as well.
  3. RustySprockets

    Huffy Cruiser -- $40 (Arnold, MD)

    Not much to look at, but it might make a good foundation...and the price is right.
  4. RustySprockets

    Bendix Red-Band Kickback Hub -- $100 (Towson, MD)

    Looks to be a 28-hole version.
  5. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Heavy-Duti -- $75 (Dundalk, MD)
  6. RustySprockets

    Spring Cleaning

    Yeah, when I saw this it was definitely a face-palm moment.
  7. RustySprockets

    Spring Cleaning

    Nope...the thread isn't about sanitizing your filthy workspace. This tip comes straight outta the Department of Why Didn't I Think of It? Now you can reach all those little nooks and crannies you couldn't before.
  8. RustySprockets

    DNR Kit Tool

    My "T-square" consists of a 89¢ wooden yardstick with about six inches lopped off one end and glued back, perpendicular to the spine. It's been plenty large enough and sufficiently accurate.
  9. RustySprockets

    DNR Kit Tool

    A handlebar alignment gauge for the really, REALLY picky!
  10. RustySprockets

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    This thread needed a ridiculous bump! The bike is nice--the price tag is not.
  11. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Tandem

    I do believe those tandems were equipped with S-4 (ISO 584) rims.
  12. RustySprockets

    Schwinn s6 wheel question.

    Wait...the Schwinn S-2 rim is actually ISO 559, same as most budget mountain bikes. The S-7 is ISO 571. The S-5 & S-6 are the funkiest at 597. So....if you're looking to run 26 x 2.125 tires, those S-2 rims will accommodate them. The rim brakes, though, are another matter. The S-2s are...
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    Why are modern BMX freehubs so freakin loud?

    I'd never even heard of the Onyx hub before, but a sprag clutch, rather than a noisy ratchet, is the way to go.
  14. RustySprockets

    Sears spyder console

    Indexed shifting didn't become commonplace until the 1980's, so this is almost certainly a friction design.
  15. RustySprockets

    Spoke gauge?

    The specifications listed on page #2 of the Sun E-350 trike manual indicates 13G (2.3mm) spokes on the front hub, 14G (2.0mm) at the rear. They also appear to be laced in a much different pattern.
  16. RustySprockets

    WWII Jeep tribute/Ratty bike.

    As long as we're spitballin', perhaps craft a flat, angular front fender and a rear tray that simulates the Jeep's shallow cargo bed. Easier done on a frame with straight downtube, I think. (The Evans fender sorta looks like this already.) Along with the period markings, ammo boxes, and jerry...
  17. RustySprockets

    Very Versatile Bicycle Lights

    Those get an A+ for appearance, but I really dislike things that rely on coin batteries. Of course, I DO have a dynamo hub hiding in my backroom stash--hmm...
  18. RustySprockets

    Modern tire options?

    The flat-tread cheater slick from Jerald Sulky (26 x 2.125) is always a good choice for muscle bikes, but they no longer do direct sales. You'll need to order from a dealer in harness racing tack. I also like Duro Beach Bums, but they're getting difficult to find, as well.
  19. RustySprockets

    Repair or Trash SUMO Bike Rim

    EXCELLENT! I did not realize that anyone was reproducing the Morningstar Rim 'Rench again. Gonna have to put that on my want-list.
  20. RustySprockets

    Bendix Red Band Kickback Hub -- $100 (Towson, MD)

    Seller claims it's for a Schwinn Krate, but it sure looks like 36-holes to me. Didn't Krate bikes come with the 28-hole version?