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  1. Xavier

    Single Speed Road Bikes

    I did. I just got tired of the brass strips I was using for reflector brackets. The Armstrong needed something more.
  2. Xavier

    Single Speed Road Bikes

    Yes, the reflector bracket is an old silver spoon. I liked the contrast between the rough bike and the refined spoon. The cork grips are marginally more comfortable than the Hunt-Wilde rubber type grips. They are nothing to brag about, just a different style. For comfort I would go with leather...
  3. Xavier

    Single Speed Road Bikes

    It's a cottered crank off a Rudge three speed. The hand represents the red hand of the Irish Gaels of Ulster.
  4. Xavier

    Single Speed Road Bikes

    Here are some of the little touches that we all enjoy................
  5. Xavier

    Single Speed Road Bikes

    The Road Bike has quite a few advantages. It's light, and the narrow tires roll very easily. The riding position can be aggressive with drop bars, or upright with North road type bars. A Road Bike's problem is it's complicated. I can see the allure of a fixie's simplicity, but frankly, my...
  6. Xavier

    Brian's bike

    Very Cool!
  7. Xavier

    Raleigh Grand Prix Single Speed

    It's 63 cm. Fits me like a glove. I like the tall narrow profile of it.....Makes it look a lot more vintage than it really is. I thought about flipping the handlebars, but it's nice to ride upright too. Here's a rear view.
  8. Xavier

    Raleigh Grand Prix Single Speed

    This Raleigh Single Speed evolved from a Grand Prix raod bike. While not a rat per se, it began with only a frame and front fork. I found a 27 inch Raleigh high flange front rim on ebay, and I purchased another 27 inch low flange front rim. Then I laced a new Strumey-Archer coaster brake into...
  9. Xavier

    1961 columbia firebolt

    I was hoping this thread would reappear! I recently finished off a Columbia Firebolt frame I found.
  10. Xavier


    I just swapped out parts between the new and old seat until it clamped tight. The post has a cinch nut that clamps the two sides of the frame together right behind the seat tube. Tires are some old Chen Sings that came on another bike.
  11. Xavier


    Sometimes you never know where a project might lead you. This old Elgin frame started out on a journey to become a Boardtracker. With the playful addition of a skirted rear fender draping the rear wheel like a cape, and two mountain bike handlebar extensions placed on the old handlebars like...
  12. Xavier

    Riding with a dog Here's a blog piece I wrote on training your dog to ride a bike. She's grown up now......
  13. Xavier

    Old Elgin

    I put some wheels and a chainwheel on this old Elgin today. I'm not sure which direction it will take me.........But it rides OK.
  14. Xavier


    Hmmmmmmm It does look familiar!
  15. Xavier

    how many bikes do you have?

    Mine: Raleigh Passage Lucky 13 JC Higgins Colorflow Raleigh PUB Her's: Electra Townie 3s Blue Cruiser Little Bit's: Raleigh MTB Diamond frame Rat bike Bone pile: Elgin straight bar being built
  16. Xavier


    Wow! Just WOW!
  17. Xavier

    Riding with a dog

    Ilsa is a black German Shepherd. Her's another pic.......
  18. Xavier

    Mountain Rat!

    Sharp as a razor!
  19. Xavier

    Riding with a dog

    I was going to add this to the photo contest, but I see it's closed......The bike is Lucky 13, the dog is Ilsa.
  20. Xavier

    military bike of a red kind

    That came out nice! I used the same frame on Lucky 13. It's hard to go wrong when your frame is that cool to start with!