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  1. Grant

    Bikes with vintage randoneur bars.

    My Miyata has a set of Schwinn ones.
  2. Grant

    1971 Atala Corsa

  3. Grant

    My fixed gear.

  4. Grant

    Purple fixie.

    I swapped the wheels from my fixie on to a nicer frame that's a bit bigger that I found. The tan coloured frame I had was too small for me even with an extra large seat post that was raised all the way up in the wheelbase was too short. Got this frame for free quite a while ago and I decided...
  5. Grant

    I wish I had a bike like this.

    63cm singlespeed.
  6. Grant

    Has anyone here ridden a mini velo?

    Has anyone here ridden one of these things? If so, how does it feel compared to a normal bike.
  7. Grant

    Smallest headtube I have ever seen.

    This is smaller than any 50cm old riad bike I have ever seen. The frame is a 50cm because the seat tube sticks out about 3/4 of an inch above the top tube.
  8. Grant

    Weird things
  9. Grant

    Montgomery Ward fixed gear.

    Found this one in fall 2019 in a bicycle graveyard in I took at home for free and wanted to make into a cheap fixed gear. Problem was when I started this assembling it I noticed that the bearing protector on the cranks had sought through a big portion of the right chainstay. I found this a...
  10. Grant

    Apparently Panasonic made B I G bikes.

    They did mass produce 72cm frames.
  11. Grant

    Diamondback Curaca

  12. Grant

    Green Breezer gravel bike.

  13. Grant


  14. Grant

    A strange bike indeed.

  15. Grant


  16. Grant

    Bike is big

  17. Grant

    Cheap road bike mods.

    My bike that fits comfortably. Already a few mods such as cranks, front wheel, pedals, seat, handlebars, shifters, and brake levers.
  18. Grant

    Purple bikes.

    Here is mine.
  19. Grant

    Very beat up 1965 Schwinn Varsity single speed.

    I have a ton of French cranks, but none will fit this BB. I built this mostly up over a year as a tourer with bar end shifters and aero levers and Shimano 600 wheels. I am planning on using the fort, stem, and wheels for the Varsity build. The Varsity accepts normal 1 America BBs, which I...