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  1. Muttley

    Vintage Schwinn Grips (Blue)

    Very nice and will easily clean up. I'll leave that to the buyer in case you're going for the 'as found' look. Asking $20, includes shipping in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
  2. Muttley

    SOLD Novelty California License Plate 'WEIRD'

    $15 shipped in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
  3. Muttley

    SOLD 'Rusty' Name/License Plate

    About the coolest and most appropriate accessory any Rat Rodder could add to their two-wheeled terror. Guaranteed to make your ride at least 12% cooler. A virtual lock that you will never see another one for sale. $60 shipped to your door in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
  4. Muttley

    Tijuana Reject

    The story you are about to read is true*. The names have been changed to protect the innocent....... The year was 1964.......LBJ was in the White House, The Beatles were tearing up the charts and Ford's new Mustang was the hottest thing on four wheels. None of that meant jack squat to little...
  5. Muttley

    SOLD Bendix Red Band Two Speed Kickback Hub & Spokes

    Was working properly when I pulled it off a '64 Schwinn last Summer. Comes with the correct spokes for a 26" wheel. Could use fresh grease. I'm asking $100 shipped to your door in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
  6. Muttley

    '64 Schwinn American

    Hola mis amigos. You may feel like that is a strange way to begin this post considering my project is a Schwinn American but when the finished product is revealed it will all make sense. ;) Originally I hadn't planned on entering this years contest but I traded one of the bikes I entered in last...
  7. Muttley

    Buzz-ard Bike

    I originally found this one on Craigslist over a year ago and decided to stash it away and wait for this years MBBO. It was restored some years back but then parted out before I acquired the frame/fork and various other parts. I ended up tossing the original fork in the dumpster (after killing...
  8. Muttley

    Beater Slick

    This came my way via trade over a year ago. It sat patiently waiting it's turn and be semi-cannibalized for other projects. It was completely torn down and thoroughly cleaned and re-greased be for reassembly but the natural patina/crustiness it's acquired over it's lifetime was left alone...
  9. Muttley

    26" Chrome S-2 Rear Wheel

    I'm looking for a chrome, rear 26" Schwinn S-2 with a Red Band hub. I'd also be interested in a skinnier front wheel, possibly an S-5? Please message me with what you have. I need these for my Spaceliner project for the MBBO.
  10. Muttley

    NASA Astronaut Bicycle Novelty Plate

    Anyone have one of these in their stash they wouldn't mind parting with?
  11. Muttley

    REDUCED ***SOLD*** '64 Schwinn Stingray ***SOLD***

    This is an early (March '64) survivor. It's a rare color and a great rider. Has the early 36 spoke rear wheel and early headset. This is a great riding bike, it was completely disassembled cleaned and re-greased. The only non-original parts are the seat (recovered by Odder) the tires and the...
  12. Muttley

    Sears Spaceliner - Class 2

    I picked this pile of parts up about a year ago from another member that doesn't post much and there's a fairly interesting back-story. It was posted here in the for sale section but the seller didn't have a location. I sent him a PM late one night asking what it would cost to ship it to me...
  13. Muttley

    Western Flyer Buzz Bike - Class 1

    I picked this up about a year ago from the same guy I acquired Project: Beater Slick from. Sometime in it's past life it was restored but then parted out and I ended up with about 60% of it. I've got a small mountain of cool parts just waiting for a home. I humbly present to you, Project...
  14. Muttley

    Huffy Cheater Slick - Class 1

    I got this in a trade during last years MBBO and thought about entering it then. I was knee deep in refurbishing my '65 Wildcat and '65 Stingray for last years contest so I decided to mothball the Huffy and run out the clock. There wont be anything fancy done to this, just a good cleaning...
  15. Muttley

    Schwinn (Possibly Others Too?) Brake Bracket

    Anyone have one of these in their parts bin that they don't need?
  16. Muttley

    70's BMX Survivor Value??? Crossrider Comet

    Anyone ever hear of a 'Crossrider Comet'? I have a chance to pick this up and was wondering what it's worth if anything.
  17. Muttley

    Anyone Know shadow27 On eBay?

    I'm trying to get some photos of a part he/she has but eBay's stupid policy wont let me send an email address or phone number through their system. Here's the ebay profile:
  18. Muttley


    Anyone know if a Huret/Schwinn drive will work with a Stewart Warner speedometer? I found the gauge I want and it's cheap, unfortunately there's no cable/drive included (maybe that's why it's cheap). The Schwinn hardware is much more readily available, if the two will work together this would...
  19. Muttley

    Battery Tube?

    I'd like to make (or buy) one for one of my Stingrays but I have no idea what I'm doing. I bought a light set with the generator but couldn't get it to work, I'm thinking a battery would be much easier. The generator met an untimely demise when I set it on a piece of old railroad track and beat...
  20. Muttley

    Another Project?!?!?

    Just what I needed, another project.........but the price was too good to pass it up. Obviously it's nowhere near complete and yeah, it's a little (ok, a lot) rough around the edges but it's way least in my opinion. May I present to you the Hot Canary...