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  1. Joe Monstermaker

    A free old Schwinn came along.

    I'll post a picture after work - but a friend who works on bikes at Burning Man came across a 1967 (as ID'ed by the serial number) Schwinn 26" cantilever and gave it to me. It's a mess, but I just wanted the frame anyway. I think it's been bastardized, it's a single speed with painted S-7 rims...
  2. Joe Monstermaker

    Do bent springers suck?

    I sometimes think about trying a bent springer on my Dyno Roadster, to lower it a bit. Because, as you know, they sit way too high, right?!! But from the looks of it, the geometry would suck. Do they ride OK or are they a huge sacrifice in function?
  3. Joe Monstermaker

    My re-intro, almost a year in.

    I'm 50, and when I found this place I was only into vintage BMX (I've got a ' 79 Mongoose with motomags that I've had since high school and a '76 Yamaha Moto-Bike). Then I came here... and as a guy way into Rat Rod cars and hot rods/cruisers, it was a natural that I'd change my bike interests...
  4. Joe Monstermaker

    The Land Yacht

    Somehow it came up in a bike thread that I'd built a Land Yacht and people would like to see it, so I figured I'd put that here. See, all you gotta do is bolt some wheels onto your boat... Ok actually there's a whole lot of other minor details to sort out, but it can be done. It's a 1974...
  5. Joe Monstermaker

    What do do with a stock Dolomite

    I'm going to Burning Man this summer, where custom built bikes are everywhere. I've already got a 25' fiberglass cabin cruiser boat that I've converted to a land vehicle, so I'm not doing a custom bike... I just got a fat-tire Mongoose Dolomite to ride. I did put on cruiser handlebars and seat...
  6. Joe Monstermaker

    Coaster brake on front wheel

    I there any reason I couldn't use a coaster brake rear hub on the front, with a lever instead of a sprocket attached to a cable to operate it? I'm guessing the issue would be the amount of cable travel needed and maybe lack of torque if I had a big enough cable pull vs. brake lever motion...
  7. Joe Monstermaker

    Custom Shifter

    I have a Dyno Roadster. I put a Sturmey Archer 5-speed on it but of course it MUST have a proper stick shift. I tried the attach-a-stick-to-the-twist-grip idea and didn't like it at all, way to floppy and just didn't look right. There's a great aftermarket custom shifter on the market, but it's...
  8. Joe Monstermaker

    Headlight LED the easy way

    I'm one of the new guys on here and I figured I should try to make myself useful... I've seen a lot of interest in converting headlights to LED. Most old style bike headlights I've seen use the same tiny, worthless screw-in bulb; that bulb is called an e10 base bulb. Well, you can get a really...
  9. Joe Monstermaker

    Boa-Gs on a stock Dyno?

    I'm just starting out with a stock Dyno Roadster. Does anyone know if 26" Boa-G tires on the stock chrome rims will clear the frame?
  10. Joe Monstermaker

    New guy

    Hey I'm Joe. I'm a hot rod car guy... I kept my old 1979 Mongoose BMX (with Motomags) from when I was a kid and recently started restoring it, as well as my 1976 Yamaha Moto-Bike. But I'm a hot rodder and I love rat rods. Tomorrow morning I'm driving 300 miles to buy an '01 Dyno Roadster, 100%...