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  1. marshall hudson


    I'm going to call this one done. I started with a good patina 47 JC Higgins. I wanted to keep it simple but classy and i wasn't disappointed. I did not want to go overboard on my first rrbo entry. I finished everything but the fenders but i'll put them on later. Thanks for all the likes and...
  2. marshall hudson

    BO15 Higgy-o

    Gonna try my hand on my first build off. Picked up this 1947 JC Higgins just because of the patina. Originally red faded to an orange color. With swap meets shut down i'll have to dig through my parts stash to see what i can find. Nothing to crazy here just some fat tires and accessories. I...
  3. marshall hudson


    Im looking for a good set of truss rods and fenders for my 47 higgins. Red or faded red fenders would be great but any thing but chrome. Thanks
  4. marshall hudson

    WTB: 26 x 2.125 patina wheelset

    Looking for a ready to roll wheelset with nice patina. Nothing to rusty or crusty. No skiptooth. Going on a 47 higgins.