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  1. SlyRed

    Frankie Four Aces (1970 Malvern Star SkidStar) is finished

    Applied decals this morning. Frankie Four Aces 9 July 2016 by Darrell, on Flickr Frankie Four Aces 9 July 2016 by Darrell, on Flickr
  2. SlyRed

    Frankie Four Aces - Build Off 11, Malvern Star SkidStar

    I had been trying to get one of these bikes for years. Here is my entry for RRB Build Off 11. It came from ROTTI in Australia. SkidStar Getting Ready to Ship by Darrell, on Flickr
  3. SlyRed

    Chicago Winter Bike Swap at Harper College January 17, 2015

    Chicagoans! Mark your calendar, the Winter Bike Swap at Harper College is Saturday, January 17.
  4. SlyRed

    CWC Master Weld Decals

    I've just had Crawford's Decals scan and produce vinyl pressure sensitive decals from a NOS water slide example. Contact Bruce at if you're interested in having one. <a href="" title="CWC Master Weld Decal by Darrell, on...
  5. SlyRed

    53 CWC Roadmaster RestoMod (Paladin)

    Here's the frame and fork as bought off eBay. Nice solid frame. I sold the standard fork and bought a Shockmaster springer for the project. Roadmaster Frame by Sly Red, Chicago, on Flickr
  6. SlyRed

    Cleveland Welding Company Roadmaster

    Here's my new project frame and parts. It probably started life as a Western Flyer. Can anyone tell me the approximate age of the frame and of the fork? Here's the Serial # H87889 53 then there is a large C with a small w that the C sort of wraps around. Roadmaster Frame by Sly Red...
  7. SlyRed

    The Manor & Meadow Tour II (Chicago Suburbs)

    British Bicycles Chicago and The Chicago Taildraggers invite you to The Manor & Meadow Tour beginning at the lovely Fabyan Villa, Sunday, September 8, 2013 at noon. The ride will get underway promptly at 1:00 PM. Fabyan Villa is located in Geneva, Illinois. Parking is plentiful and the...
  8. SlyRed

    My J.C. Higgins Flightliner

    1961 J.C. Higgins Flightliner by Sly Red, Chicago, on Flickr
  9. SlyRed

    British Bicycles Chicago - Seersucker Ride

    We'd like to cordially invite all our Rat Rod brothers and sisters to our next event, Sunday, August 26th in Chicago. :D Cheers, SlyRed
  10. SlyRed

    Excellent Quality One Piece Cranks

    I'm going to build my first Rat Road Bike in the next few months. Who makes nicely polished and chromed one piece cranks? 24 TPI is fine. Most of the vintage cranks I've seen are horribly rough on the inside surfaces. I want my crank arms to be smooth and shiney all the way 'round. SlyRed...
  11. SlyRed

    The Manor & Meadow Tour (June 2012) The Manor & Meadow Tour, 10 June 2012, Oak Brook, Illinois Get cracking, only six months to get ready! :lol: