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  1. flatblack50

    Grants Pass / Medford Oregon

    Hello :) I still havn't found any local cruiser clubs. So i'm trying to start up my own! :) If your interested let me know! My cruiser is 1/2 way done, but i've got a mtb i can roll for now ;) Speaking of which, i'm interested in a mtb club too!
  2. flatblack50

    Air brush starter kits- recommendations?

    I've been looking at air brush kits so i can learn, but i know little about them. So i'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations on a starter kit. Thanks :)
  3. flatblack50

    Makeshift PAINT BOOTH

    So i finally got tired of trying to rattle can parts outside & dealing with the wind, pollin, etc. So... i cut up the box my welder came in (jig saw with a wood cutting blade works great) ;) Then i taped a filter to it & set a fan on the back side. Later i'll get a bigger box, a couple filters...
  4. flatblack50

    Horse Rescue Chopper

    Hi, i'm in the middle of this build. My sister & my father started up a horse rescue here in Oregon & i wanted to help, so i'm building a custom chopper out of horseshoes to help spread the word about the rescue. Here's where i'm at... As you can see, i still had some issues with...
  5. flatblack50

    Grants Pass Oregon clubs???

    Hey there :) I've been in southern OR now for about a year & i was wondering if there are any clubs arround here. Or, if anyone would like to start one. My chopper won't be done for a few more months but i have my mountain bike to cruise till then ;) Mike K.
  6. flatblack50

    custom boys 20" 47' Columbia

    I've been working on this bike for my youngest nephew since last summer. I ran into a snag with finding a new fork for it. I now have a fork... but the head tube needs to be cut down and re-threaded. Now i just need to find a bike shop that will re-thread it. So far all of the local shops say...
  7. flatblack50

    custom 1941 Colson

    Hello, well i bought this 41' Colson last summer for my roommate. It's FINALLY coming togeather! :D I tore it apart, everything got blasted, i hammered out the fenders and finished with a few thin layers of bondo. My co-worker is half way done with the new paint job. Another friend of mine is...
  8. flatblack50

    KONA CrAzY ;)

    Hello my fellow rat-rodders! I recently picked up these two Konas. The grey one is my 2006 Kona Coiler Dee-lux and the blue/chrome one i got for my brother. it is a 2002 Kona Stinky Dee-lux. Now i just need to convice my nephews to put down there video games and pick up a mountain bike...
  9. flatblack50

    Bent one piece crank...

    Hello, I just picked up a 1920's bike with a bent one piece crank. It's bent on the left side. I'm wondering if I heat it up and bend back on the pedal, if I can straiten it... But since it's forged i'm worried that the crank might becoming brittle. The crank is very hard to find... So i'd like...
  10. flatblack50

    Salt flat CHOPPER with antique lights :)

    Well i've been gathering parts for this build for awile now... I still need to find somone to help me build the frame since i live in an apt. now. But here's what i've got so far... A pic of my idea... Skull valve caps, and licence plate bolts... kerosine lamp BEFORE... Getting ready to...
  11. flatblack50

    Unknown Ladies cruiser - "Coca-Cola" Theme

    I picked this up off of C.L. a week ago. i'm fixing it up in a "Coca Cola" theme for my friend/roommate. I tore it down, and a customer of the shop i work for sand blasted it for me and my boss is going to paint or powder coat it for me :D The Coca cola crate has "Spokane" on either end, and...
  12. flatblack50

    Any "rat rodders" near Everett WA?

    Hey, i'm in Everett WA (1/2 hour north of Seattle WA) and i was wondering if there are any other custom bike enthusiests up here? :D
  13. flatblack50

    Monark??? Ladies cruiser.

    Hi, i just picked this up a few days ago off of craigslist. :) I'm fixing it up in a "Coca Cola" theme for my roommate. There's no badge, or mounting holes for one. There are two threaded holes on the head tude though, one on either side. there is also an " A " stamped on the front of the...
  14. flatblack50

    Can you build me a custom frame? Seattle WA

    Do you live near Seattle - Everett WA? Can you build me a custom chopper frame and extend a fork? (i'd build it myself, but i currently live in a apt...) If so, lets talk! Also i have a 1950 B.F. Goodrich Schwinn cruiser to trade for labor, or we can discuss a price.
  15. flatblack50

    1950 B.F. Goodrich Schwinn

    I just picked this bike up yesterday! :) I saw it on-line a few days ago, but i didn't have any cash... :(... so i sold one of my mountain bikes, a Specialized FSR Enduro Expert mountain bike for a fraction of what it was worth so i could pick up this 1950 B.F. Goodrich Schwinn. It's almost all...
  16. flatblack50

    New pics 04/28/11 RAT ROD mountain bike!!! :)

    When i'm not building or riding my rat rods, i love to go up to Mt. Rainier and tear through the mud!!! :D I've actually been without a mtb for quite awhile, but i recently traded for this 1998 Schwinn Straight 6 :D I'm thinking that later on i might get a set of white rims for it (or...
  17. flatblack50

    20x3 DRAG SLICK TIRE???

    I found this tire on lovelylowrider for $36.99 each, but i was trying to do some price checking and i was wondering if anyone else carrys them?
  18. flatblack50

    24x3 white wall tires???

    Does anyone know where i can get a 24" x 3" white wall tire???
  19. flatblack50

    PRE - WAR ??? Boys Murray bicycle (solid rubber tires)

    I'm thinking of picking this up but i'd like to know more about it first... Searial number reads... MOS 490 134764 According to the Murray serial number chart there should be a letter after MOS followed by a " - " to indicate the year??? Can't really tell from the pic but i think it has a skip...
  20. flatblack50

    Going a differnt direction...

    I've been toying with a few differnt ideas for my next custom... I think i've finally decided on what i'm going to do. I'm going to make a slightly streatched cruiser with a bee hive springer fork, custom DEEP fenders, but here's the really custom part. Since i work at a custom sign shop, i'm...