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  1. Euphman06

    Curved seat tube collection

    Dig the murray/westfield curved seat tube bikes. Took me awhile to save up/buy/sell to get what I wanted but here they are. The girls bike I found local for 100 bucks so I picked it up on a whim only because the seat tube lol. Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
  2. Euphman06

    Columbia shaft drive

    Picked this up recently, what are the value of these things? Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
  3. Euphman06

    Colson snap tank

    Havent posted here in awhile... Picked this one up a couple weeks ago. Original paperwork to be purchased during the war came with it. Found a pic online of the pep boys it came out of. No longer there. Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
  4. Euphman06

    2017 finds

    The brown c model is new from this year as well as the firestone pilot long tanker and the 1942 elgin with shorty rack. The 34 silverking has been a long project but got many of the parta rechromed in 2017 and put back on. Had others pass through my hands but these were my prewar keepers. Sent...
  5. Euphman06

    Delta wedge light

    Looking for one of these, prewar unit with internal batteries and switch.
  6. Euphman06


    BF Goodrich frame. Arraya rims. Bendix manual 2 speed. Schwinn script bolt on brakes (some new hardware). Bullmoose bars. Custom Soundgarden sprocket. Designed after their "Badmotorfinger" cover art. Only thing I can say is the rear stays could use to be separated a bit more. Rear wheel a...
  7. Euphman06

    1941 Henderson B6

    Picked this up about 2 weeks ago. Waiting for the seat in the mail from Bob U. but otherwise clean and original. Sent from my N800 using Tapatalk
  8. Euphman06

    Prewar Schwinn seat post question

    What size seat post fits in a '41 Schwinn? The one from my '52 Hornet was too big to fit into the seat tube, but I thought they were relatively standard 13/16" with a 5/8" top for the seat clamp.
  9. Euphman06

    Auction score

    Went to a nearby auction with a vague listing of "old schwinn bike". I asked for pictures but auctioneer emailed me back saying sorry no pictures. I figured I'd try it and see what it was and it ended up being this 1952 hornet with crash bars and exercise stand. Clean tank and rocket ray still...
  10. Euphman06

    My 2014 keepers

    This is all the space I have for bikes, and this is the first year I've actually kept some[emoji33] 1960 Flightliner, 1951 huffy, 1939 colson snap tank, 1937 cwc roadster.
  11. Euphman06

    My 1937 CWC Roadster

    All original paint, just got new US Chain treads from the cabe. This was an auction find at an old farmstead, someone really loved this bike to take care of it like this.:cool2:
  12. Euphman06

    Huffy/Huffman find.

    I was told 1951, and I didn't get a chance to look at the serial yet, but I'm thinking 1950's...right? If anyone can give a shout as to what model this is, I'd appreciate it! Thanks:cool: Oh... and it came with a twin;)
  13. Euphman06

    Auction score!

    Won this yesterday with an absentee bid, I was pretty much the only bidder from what it seemed:cool: The Morrow hub is stamped 36 so I would assume 1936, does everyone agree? Paint is super nice! Badged as a Supplee Biddle (hardware store in Philadelphia) but pretty sure this is a Cleveland...
  14. Euphman06

    1939 Colson Snap tank

    Picked this up yesterday, did a little bit of cleaning on it, but no tear down yet. All there except the correct bars and horn button. Updated pictures! Before After: Probably doesn't look much different, but it is what it is.
  15. Euphman06

    20" Schwinn Typhoon

    I'm looking to buy one a little over an hour away for my son. Are they worth anything? I can't seem to find much information out there on them, can anyone part some knowledge on me about them? Thanks!
  16. Euphman06

    Pricing this?

    Not that it's for sale or anything, it's actually my best riding bike right now... but I was curious as to what kind of value people would put on it. If you say "nothing" I won't be offended at all, I built it for my likes and taste and that's all that really matters, but I wanted to see what...
  17. Euphman06

    Higgins Colorflow

    Found this one on the way home from work. I'll have to sell some other parts so the wife will let me keep this.... I almost have the horn working. The inside of the tank looks almost new. The batwing is corroded out though... has a hole through the bottom but looks fine from the top (but hey...
  18. Euphman06

    Is this worth it?

    ...for a three hour round trip? I'm pretty sure it's a CWC built bike. I'm hoping the house paint will clean off, but who knows.
  19. Euphman06

    Winter Buildoff: BFG Klunker Soundgarden edition

    I have this in the builds section, but just got done with it so I figured I'd put it here as well. Don't really have pics of the build, but there was no painting, welding, etc.. so it's not really that exciting I guess;) Before: and after: Parts list: 1946 BFG DX frame Specialized bullmoose...
  20. Euphman06

    Grinding drop outs

    Looking to lace up a drum hub to the front wheel/fork but the axle on the hub is larger than the fork dropout. What's the best way to grind out extra room? Is it possible to mess this up bad so the wheel ends up crooked or is it just plane simple grind it out?