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  1. irzouts


    It was a speed built of 7 days, I'm exhausted right now :crazy: The frame was build several years ago by the sister of my girlfriend and never finished. So, I decided to finish the whole build to offer for to her for her birthday. And participate at the MBBO too :D I have to say I didn't have...
  2. irzouts


    Hello ! I know, I'm late, but I think I can do it. So here is the frame I have, built several years ago. I'm planning to finish it and today I draw the T's for the fork
  3. irzouts


    Some asiatics start-ups decided to invade the world with new free-floating bike without warning several month ago. The streets of big citys were full of those bike and pollute the public space. All those industry was made to spy all your deplacement to feed the big data, they absolutly don't...
  4. irzouts

    RRBBO13 Fiasco

    Hello, I will try to build a shorter burrito than the Vaterland, because my working place is not extensible. Here is the base And a first mock up with photoshop
  5. irzouts

    Vaterland burrito

    For once, I succeed to finish the contest build of in time.:rockout: It was an old lady german frame which recieved a lot of modifications to make a rusty burrito which make love with asphalt. Build of thread:
  6. irzouts

    Vaterland burrito

    Just come back from Germany with an old lady frame. I will cut it to build a burrito. I will try to keep it simple to finish the project in time, for once. :p
  7. irzouts

    Petit grand tri

    Hello ! I recenty bought some tires 28' x 2,15 And I'm preparing to build large rims fot them. I've just finished a tool to make it easier, I hope it will works well.
  8. irzouts


    I just come back from the CSI at Amsterdam. Pontiac ride 3 cruises about 110 km (68 miles) without any major problems. And I try to improve some wheelys , not so bad, I'm happy. Here is some photos I make before Amsterdam. More soon...
  9. irzouts


    New project then, more exciting to build. I usualy cut several bike to build new bike. This project is made with my wreck. It's all about recycling what I left. Everything is here, then go, let's build ! The steering tube: And... my inspiration for this build.
  10. irzouts


    Hello there, I have built a small ratty project; mono tube & mono arm fork in 20". I started with a homemade rim. I just cut an anorexia rim in 2 parts, to enlarge it. The tire is the only thing i have bought on this bike, Innova 20x3. The others pieces are coming from the trash. Then I made...
  11. irzouts

    Forkless trike

    I should'nt participate to this build off, because I have no place since I build the "Coming Soon" and I have no time either. But, well, I can't resist to a scratch build contest. So today I started to give a second life to a saddle.
  12. irzouts

    Coming soon

    Let me present you the improbable meeting of an office table leg and a part of vintage spanish home trainer. A film team is shooting me while I'm constructing this bike, and they love to make a lot of teasing during production like many film makers, so that's why I call this bike project...
  13. irzouts


    Well , it may have been a badstart, but I can finish that build even if I am a little late. :lol: The original subject was here : Now I have time to continue this build.
  14. irzouts


    I have a good souvenir from the precedent RRBBO with the build of the Stella bread racer. So , I'm in. 2 months for building a bike should be ok. :lol: So here is the frame I found in the street of Montmartre 2 or 3 years ago. And forgot it in the cellar until recently. It's probably an...
  15. irzouts


    The folder bike is a Peugeot NS (new style). So it will be a NRS (new rat style) :P
  16. irzouts

    Asymetrical trike (la Chouineuse)

    Starting a new project, an insane one. I hope I will finish it one day. :roll: This is my inspiration. A kind of trike which looks like a side with 2 directionnal wheels. But it won't be a copy, I will keep only the direction and the transmission system. It will looks like "La jamais...
  17. irzouts

    Lovely rat

    Hello there, Just finished a bike for my girlfriend . An old one 1920-30 Lovely Cycles , Paris. I first saw it on ebay. Rusty ? Not so rusty. And a lot of pinstripping So I started to erase the paint of strategical pieces from the frame (don't know the name in english :? ) And I put a...
  18. irzouts

    Stella Bread Racer

    I found my Stella on, it was a french pocket bike for adult built in Nantes in the 60's. It was originally sold for those which have their own boat for vacation. Now it's a collection bike and sometimes can be expensive. I had mine for 60 euros only. So I decided to make a rat rod bike...
  19. irzouts


    I have so many projects and so many bike to build... :roll: And well, I buy a bike few weeks ago on ebay. A little french bike pocket for adult. One more project, a funny one that could correspond to the conditions of the RRB contest. So let's go !!!!!! Here is the beast :lol: :lol: :lol: :
  20. irzouts

    Hello from Paris !

    Hi ! everybody I'm a froggy french guy who make custom bike for fun. I'm addict to this forum since one or two years and the french forum Custom Brigade too. We make a Steampunk bike contest at the moment which is ending soon (13 june 2010). Here's several bikes I made or customize. This...