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  1. kim_dude

    Build Off 11 TRENDS

    Been laying kinda low and didn't enter this year (actually thinking of thinning my heard a bit so I have room in my garage). It was cool looking through the builds this year and seeing all the Elgins.
  2. kim_dude

    Dyno Deuce FS

    I had one and it was my favorite daily rider. My daughter left it locked up overnight behind the brewery and that was the end of it. [emoji20]
  3. kim_dude


    I have the parts from my first attempt at a klunker from RRBO8 that would be great for this. I think I even have a 3 speed hub somewhere, which is all you really need in this area. Giggity!
  4. kim_dude

    Seat/Saddle Clamps?

    Typical rat rodder. When in doubt, bust out a hammer.
  5. kim_dude

    Junk Crafted HIGGINS - After competition minor modifications

    Do you have a separate build thread for the track bike build? Not sure how I missed all this but Breaking Away is what really got me into cycling.
  6. kim_dude

    Final Rankings - Voting Results

    Well, mostly because I'm honest with myself. I was happy with my trike but there was no way it was a top three bike in my mind.
  7. kim_dude


    I'm building for me but use the BO as the driver to get me to do it. Otherwise I'd just have a garage and side yard full of parts.
  8. kim_dude


    I just went back and looked through the pics of all of my fellow zero vote getters. Really is telling how many crazy awesome bikes there were in this build off when none of those have votes, because there are some really killer rides in there. I don't feel bad at all for having them as...
  9. kim_dude

    Lots of cool bikes.....but one stands out..

    Thou shalt not define rat rod...
  10. kim_dude


    I voted for Beer Boy Delivery as my crusty ride (and the other beer themed name), the Weenie Wagon because it just was crazy cool, and Verboten because holy carp is that thing is beautiful. There are tons of other bikes that I loved and would be more than proud to ride but just didn't have the...
  11. kim_dude


    I love your bike and would ride the wheels off it. Voting is always super hard in the build offs. I usually try to pick one crazy built, one crusty one and one super slick one.
  12. kim_dude


    I'm in the 25% of the bikes that still has zero votes. I'm going to refer to us as 25 percenters, because it sounds elite. Just for the record, since I built the bike for me I don't really care if I get votes.
  13. kim_dude


    Exact I can't tell you but the style looks sorta like a Gravity. Anything that low to the ground is gonna bottom out though.
  14. kim_dude

    B0-X----- WEENIE WAGON -----B0-X

    Brilliant stuff.
  15. kim_dude

    Final Voting Photo - Make sure you put your best pic at the top of your thread

    Thanks to Renaissance Man for the PM reminder on this!
  16. kim_dude

    '39 Red - Balloons FIN!

    Great bike!!
  17. kim_dude

    Growler Grabber, last second update!

    When I first got the trike in the spring last year I used to crash it all the time because it handles so differently than a bike. Strange things to ride but when the Nexus is working correctly it was super fast.
  18. kim_dude

    Nexus 3 Speed issues

    I have a Nexus 3speed coaster brake hub on my trike I just finished. Took for a spin and have some issues. First off it felt like it was skipping around between gears while pedaling and now it won't spin backwards. Thoughts?
  19. kim_dude


    Yessss, I love it!!!!!